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Orton/Cutler Drama, then and now 
Posted on September 14, 2009 at 08:19 PM.
Not too long ago just about every Bronco fan threw up a little when they learned that there prized QB was sent packing. I was a Jay Cutler supporter, hell i followed along with the bandwagon and thought he was the second coming of John Elway. I went out and spent $200 on a jersey and $100 on a jacket that looked like his jersey. I felt for him when he threw an INT and screamed at the top of my lungs when he zipped those passes into the receivers with very little effort.

This past off-season, i feel the true emotions came out, and as a Bronco fan i am glad they came out now. Jay needed to be thrown under the bus to see how he could handle himself, and it has been said a thousand times, for the thousand and one time, McD didn't handle it right. Jay also didnt handle it right, instead he showed the NFL fans that he is better than everyone...a little too much praise from all the experts has surely gone to his head.

Since the day I heard reports about Cutler not wanting to play in Denver because he didnt trust McD, i have always found myself baffled at the very thought of how he barely even knew his new coach. Things were said and things went undone, calls made and no return. I got fed up at the fact that these men are doing something i wanted to do. they get paid to play football, americas favorite sport. They get paid millions of dollars to do something they love while i get $10 an hour to do a job i hate. I pay an extra $45 a month just so i can see the Broncos play from 2 states away.

Then i took a step back and realized that Jay Cutler isnt about his team or whats best for his team...hes all about himself. He figures he comes back to Denver than everyone will forget about him and all the focus will go on McD for turning this team around. When Shannahan was here, everyone touted him for bringing in Cutler to help him keep his job, once he lost it, Cutler lost his spotlight. I dont think all of this came down to who wanted to trade jay or Jay didnt trust anyone...its the simple fact he felt like he wouldnt get any spotlight.

Now, i may be wrong, hell im just a normal Joe that makes his living, pays his taxes and raises his kids but i have delt with primma donnas throughout high school and Jay s not much different from them.

Bears fans think of him as the greatest thing to ever happen to the bears since 85 (read it in a thread a few days ago). So how do you really feel about him now?

I went through the threads last night and posted a few things i prolly shouldn't have. Bronco fans like myself and others grew tired of taking all the grief for giving up our best QB. We were taking the blunt of all the trauma only because Bronco execs wont listen. I said a few things and made a thread that was prolly uncalled for, and i formally apologize to all the Bears fans out there. I used to like the bears because i have a heart for under teams. Now i cant stand them, and thats because they have something i want.

Aside from all the hoopla, i wonder how Bears fans feel now after seeing how poorly Cutler played last night? I honestly am glad he imploded and he got what came to him. Karma came back around and got him after he bad mouthed the Denver fans and now the Bears fans are probably second guessing thier thoughts and words that they have said about how dumb we are. Didnt anyone see that on paper how there is no talent at WR? Did no one see that Jay had to carry the Broncos last year cause we had no D? The Broncos are not really better than they were last year, but at least we had a WR or 2 to throw too.

So i wanna know what the true Bears fans feel. Insults aside cause ei am not here to insult or wish bad things about any team. Like i said, i am glad he failed only because no one is perfect and some fans really needed to be put into check. I don't think it was anyone here, but on some sites, the fans were down right horrible. I am glad i can come here and get an opinion that counts.

So bears fans...sound off
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Sep 14
I am getting sick and tired of these pro athletes. I would play football for less than the league minumium, and if my coach changed hands I would play for him as well as I could. Time to start stepping up and make the game look good before you lose more fans that shell out $$ for your games every year so you can own 6 cars and a boat and watch tv on your 65 inch LCD tv
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