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# 12
snepp @ Sep 29, 2009
Originally Posted by JBH3
Happy belated Birthday.
How can it be belated if today is my birthday?

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# 11
Jackdog @ Aug 24, 2009
Originally Posted by JBH3
Happy B-Day man!
Thanks you brother!!
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# 10
K_rob11 @ Dec 5, 2008
ouch, that sucks man....I haven't been posting but i have enjoyed reading about your sixers association. EB, Vince, and Lou looked like they had a nice thing going on.
If you didn't already know, i have given up on NBA 2k9. I only own 2 games now...NCAA Basketball 09 and APF 2k8. I just got tired of the 2k basketball engine. I am having a blast playing my dynasty with JU in NCAA 09. I will read about your wizards, but have to admit, it probably won't be as exciting lol....
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# 9
JBH3 commenting on Madden09 - Franchise gm wk13... video @ Dec 2, 2008

2008 wk13 Franchise gm vs Zona

B-Dawk comes through in a crucial moment where I'm up by 1 TD, but Zona has the ball back w/ enough time to tie it. Instead...B-Dawk foils any attempt Zona might've had by 'Layin Da Wood' and forcing the fumble.

MLB Stewart Bradley recovers.

I was ecstatic over this one.
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# 8
JBH3 @ Dec 1, 2008
Yea...Its coming Pack...I've played the ASG and two reg. season games since my last blog update. I'll have a write-up for all of them in the coming days - Been on the move visiting family since Wednesday so I didn't really get a change to update my blog.

Thanks for your interest.
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# 7
ProfessaPackMan @ Nov 29, 2008
Waiting on that next blog edition my man!
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# 6
JBH3 @ Nov 20, 2008
Come round anytime you want...yall come back now, ya hear!
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# 5
wwharton @ Nov 19, 2008
guess I should start checking over here more, eh? lol. thx for the friend request.
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# 4
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 16, 2008
Thanks for accepting the friend request.
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# 3
RAZRr1275 @ Nov 15, 2008
Awesome blog
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# 2
JBH3 @ Nov 13, 2008
I'm so done w/ Miller...I can't do anything w/ him offensively, and to me he is slow on defense. I love Louis Williams' quickness on both sides of the ball. I can gamble w/ him, but still recover because he is sooo quick. Plus he's the best 3 pt option I have on the floor since he can create his own shot. I need to move Miller though because I'm not going to re-sign him, and I can't get anything from him...He'll be gone by the deadline...Maybe Sammy too.

I'm loving 2K9, but I'm also loving Fable II. 2K9 took a back seat to Fable II the past week, but I picked up 2K9 again last night and I really want to make progress in it getting through a couple seasons so I'll probably be playing it a little more often.
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# 1
K_rob11 @ Nov 13, 2008
You know, I took a break from my sixers dynasty to continue my madden dynasty....which i may take a break from to continue my college hoops legacy (i'm starting to get that college basketball itch!) LOL......but i did play a game last night against the Pistons. I almost forgot how good this game was. I have been fooling around with trade possibilities, but never pulled the trigger. I tried to get Iverson again, and he still refuses to waive his no trade clause. read: Iverson: Philadelphia is not the place for me right now. So I think I will give up on aquiring Iverson. I think I am starting to like Andre Miller! I still may trade him though, but it sure is going to be tough trying to find another defensive PG like him.
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