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B1G Title Game Shakes up The BCS 
Posted on December 8, 2013 at 12:38 AM.

Until the final gun sounded at the MSU-OSU game, Conference Championship week went as it was expected to go. FSU dominated en route to punching their ticket to Pasadena, and Auburn defeated Mizzou. If the B1G game had gone as expected, we would be seeing two undefeated teams in the National Championship.

But of course, as always in college football, things did not go as expected. Michigan State pulled off the upset of the Buckeyes and now there are two directions that the BCS could go. We all know that FSU is locked in at #1, but who's #2? Most will say Auburn, and with good reason. The Tigers are unstoppable on offense. Nick Marshall is a great dual threat QB, Tre Mason ran for over 300 yards on his own against Mizzou, and the playcalling coming from the sideline for the Tigers is phenomenal. However, we can't forget about The Michigan State Spartans and their lockdown defense. The MSU defense allowed only one 3rd down conversion against OSU, and this defense has been shutdown all year. Many fans will say that Auburn's tough SEC schedule is what will give them the edge over MSU, but it seems that you can't go wrong with either choice as both have been incredible teams and played great football.

Now as for my prediction, I'm going with FSU vs. Auburn, and FSU is finally going to end the SEC's streak with a 49-35 win.
# 1 Jimbo614 @ Dec 8
What!?? Are you actually claiming that Michigan State... Of the Big Ten, should jump over Alabama????
NO Big Ten team deserves to play for the National Championship....EVER!!!
It's an inferior League.
I don't care how many games they play inside their League. The fact of the matter is that if you take away Penn State and Nebraska, the big ten has a .160 winning percentage all time against the SEC. Even with Penn State and Nebraska, it only goes up to a .230 per cent.
I was watching the game...The difference in speed between Missouri and Michigan State was staggering. It was like one game was on Very Fast and the other game was on Very Slow.
C'mon maaan.. Take that Bama icon off your moniker, you don't deserve to wear it. St Nick will be putting Coal in your stocking.
# 2 JCHISENH2016 @ Dec 8
The reason I have MSU over Alabama is simply that Alabama lost late in the season and MSU beat an undefeated team in their conference championship. The strength of the conference isn't even important in this case, MSU beat the #2 team in the country, while Alabama didn't play in their conference championship. I'm an Alabama fan first and foremost but looking at it fairly I just don't see how Alabama could go into the National Championship over MSU

We're arguing a moot point here though, as it's pretty obvious that Auburn (very unfortunately) is going to the National title game.
# 3 Jimbo614 @ Dec 8
First of all, forgive me for my over-the-top response. A little dramatic.
So answering seriously, my problem with that is.. Alabama was already number 4. If Missouri(5) had beaten Auburn, then obviously Missouri would jump over Alabama. I see that. But in your scenario Michigan State would have to jump over Stanford, Missouri, Alabama and Auburn in order to be number 2. Not to mention that its extremely unusual for a team to drop a spot without playing. The gap may close, but rarely is a team penalized a spot in the polls. Especially t Say what you will, but theres still a team who is two time National Champ and has an aura of invincibility amongst fans and sportswriters alike.

Say what you will, but so long as humans still vote, emotions will prevail. And perception is reality. The perception has been for a while now that Alabama was to be ordained by divine decree to be National Champions.
# 4 ven0m43 @ Dec 9
Auburn will win
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