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# 29
davidcolvert @ Oct 27, 2016
Are you noticing that it's too easy to throw slants against goal line defense on the black set? I think itshe because the AI seems to always use safeties in the cb spots...
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# 28
davidcolvert @ Oct 27, 2016
Hey Jarrod, I've been using your sliders for a few years now and I had a question about this year's game. I've been using your black set but I'm noticing that in goal line situations the defense seems to always come out with safeties in the cb spits. As a result I can always throw a quick slant to my WR for an easy 1 to 3 yaRd score. Landry has 19 td's through 14 games....

Have you noticed this?
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# 27
Thugger Jackson @ Aug 23, 2016
hey bro, you doing sliders for madden 17?
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# 26
RNG Killer 3 @ Oct 3, 2015
Hey I have a question for you when you get back on
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# 25
RNG Killer 3 @ Oct 3, 2015
Hey I have a question for you when you get back on
holywod76 is offline
# 24
holywod76 @ Feb 26, 2015
We are trying to load your sliders in our online dynasty. We are in season 5 and thr commish installed them but it's only showing on his end only not the users
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# 23
holywod76 @ Feb 26, 2015
Hello. Love the sliders. We are in season 5 and my commish installed your sliders but it's only showing on his side and the rest of us user it didn't change. Did we miss something or what.
UW87 is offline
# 22
UW87 @ Jan 1, 2015
Thanks for all the work on the sliders! I posted a question in the NCAA 14 sliders collum you started and was hoping you could reply, thanks again for all the insight and work!
lithubs is offline
# 21
lithubs @ Sep 18, 2014
Is it tomorrow yet?
Nykez is offline
# 20
Nykez @ Sep 15, 2014
Hurry up man! <3
Ba11zMah0ney is offline
# 19
Ba11zMah0ney @ Aug 30, 2014
Hey Jarodd, when can we expect Madden 15 sliders, if you're making any? On Madden 25 Xbox I put together all of the sets and put them up for download (and credited you!) and many people, including me, loved the sliders
orangerat is offline
# 18
orangerat @ Apr 26, 2014
hey, man all madden is very inconsistent for me in madden 25 sometimes ill win by two scores sometimes ill lose by 14-28. i was just wondering how do you change the sliders properly when on all madden. i put it on all madden and change the sliders a bit and when i go into game options it says the difficulty is on custom, is it suppose to say this becuase i read on here someone said that even after you change the sliders it is still suppose to say all madden...
gnastygnorc is offline
# 17
gnastygnorc @ Dec 1, 2013
Hey man, I know I'm like 2 years late but I just picked up Madden 12 for the PS3. I love franchise mode and your blue sliders are perfect for me - aside from the CPU pass block. I don't Nano Blitz or use any type of custom designed, borderline glitchy techniques to get to the QB. I'm a realism guy to the highest degree. I don't want to get 3 sacks per game, but I also don't want my 95 overall Julius Peppers to have absolutely no shot at shaking off a random 78 offensive tackle.

Just want to know what CPU pass block is appropriate for someone who doesn't like using unfair blitz schemes and wants a realistic sack total at the end of the season. I know I should start at 0 and work my way up, but in this game you can't adjust sliders once you've started the franchise (unless you do it every time turn on the game) and I really want to get started and commit to a team. I generally control a defensive back.

It would be so awesome if you could help me out. Thanks!
The JareBear is offline
# 16
The JareBear @ Jun 22, 2013
Yo dude, you tried the NCAA 14 demo yet?
S S0DEN is offline
# 15
S S0DEN @ Jan 4, 2013
Jarodd, I run a madden online franchise site I was wondering if I could paste your post about sliders to the site for my guys to read or have you copy and paste it? It's very informative and I think my community would like it a lot.
vess111 is offline
# 14
vess111 @ Nov 14, 2012

I cannot post the forums for some reasons, it tells me that a moderator will look at my post and approve it before posting or something like that, makes no sense didnt happend before.. i wanna make a big post around the penalty sliders, if you got an email adress id be happy to send you .. my email: [email protected]
djrich26 is offline
# 13
djrich26 @ Aug 30, 2012
Hey I want to say thank you for all of your madden sliders. But im confused on the part where you want to control the d-line. (Madden nfl 12) ex. 45-25-5, 40-25-10. What exactly are these for?
MilesDavis is offline
# 12
MilesDavis @ Aug 24, 2012
Jarodd you wouldnt by chance have heisman NCAA11 slider would you. It seems to be the last NCAA that wasnt highlight glitchy for me.
AD. is offline
# 11
AD. @ Jul 31, 2012
Hey, I need help with the sliders im doing fine but I can't get sacks. i've been adjusting and still nothing. I've gotten one sack but thats it. Any ideas?
SamoanSteelerFromAus is offline
# 10
SamoanSteelerFromAus @ Jun 21, 2012
Hey mate, your green sliders have been great for my bro and I in franchise. I would move up to blue or whatever but he holds me back haha great work.
Skurzilla is offline
# 9
Skurzilla @ Apr 16, 2012
Hey Jarodd21,
Checkout my companies Kickstarter page when you have a few minutes:

Kind regards,

HadlerT is offline
# 8
HadlerT @ Apr 4, 2012
Hey bud, I am currently using your Red seet of sliders, and I think I might move on up to Blue.. But thanks! Your sliders have helped me improve greatly!
DXFan4Life2 is offline
# 7
DXFan4Life2 @ Feb 11, 2012
hey i just saw that you liked my post. I'll do your sliders next!!
pablo1989 is offline
# 6
pablo1989 @ Dec 2, 2011
Hey Jarodd I would like to chat sometime with u to share the way u make the play callings and changes Ideas about how we play the game of Madden.
mr_dukes is offline
# 5
mr_dukes @ Nov 16, 2011
What up bruh..what are your sliders on madden 12 I would like to try them
mjhyankees is offline
# 4
mjhyankees @ Sep 8, 2011
Jarrod...check out my slider thread...posted games....but I've got a problem posted in last post...see what you think.
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falconfansince81 is offline
# 2
falconfansince81 @ Jun 17, 2011
hey, your on ps3 right? was gonna see if you wanted to dabble in our online franchise and give it a go, meet some of the people and see if maybe it'd be the type of sim community you and them other guys u said u ball with would be interested in getting in a fantasy draft league for 12.

just got the website up recently, and are merging with another great group of sim players. lots of variety in skill level, but were in it to have fun with trades, live streaming etc. lemme know if you'd like to give one of our current leagues a shot we got a couple open teams. peace
steelcityjames is offline
# 1
steelcityjames @ Dec 31, 2010
happy new year! i enjoy reading ur posts.... i'm starting to experiment with diff madden 11 sliders. i just played a couple gms using Giant4natic 's sliders. not bad so far. questions for ya..... have u tried his. even if u haven't , just wondering the difference in realism between ur's & his. i'm gonna try ur's after a few more games. also, i prefer normal speed. contrary to what many people post, i've read on several websites that game speed does NOT have any effect on slider effect. what's ur opinion on that, and do u think i would enjoy ur sliders on normal speed? looking forward to hearing from ya
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