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Music today is CRAAAAP!!! 
Posted on March 18, 2013 at 10:38 AM.
Maybe you can call me an old fogie. But honestly, its not just me.
But Music today is CRAAAP on a platter.
And no, I'm not going to waste time telling you about how good the music was back in my day; Cuz it ain't about me. And the ones I'm trying to get to arent listening anyway.
I just listened to this thrown-together mishmash that Beyonce calls her new hit. "I been Down". Horrible!!!
Add Beyonce to Taylor Swift, Jay-Z, Rihanna, Justin Bieber Kasha, The Black Eyed Peas and every other act since Britney Spears..They're all HORRIBLE!!!
It's all nothing but people seemingly deliberately putting out music that runs against every musical theory for the last 3,000 years. Jay-Z once said that he knows nothing about music, can't read it, hasn't studied it. You're Kidding!! I never would have suspected.(Sarcasm).
Believe it or not, music is made up of Melodies, Harmonies, Rhythmns,and chord structure. If you're not following those fundamentals, it stops being music and starts being just noise. And playing noise louder and faster doesnt make it better, it makes it worse.
Why are we buying music being produced by people who know nothing about music??
Somewhere out there are Bean-Counters that are looking at computer feedouts and deciding, no dictating, who is going to get played on radio and who is going to struggle for years and never be heard. Guess what? Those Bean-Counters know nothing about music either.
And do you think any of these acts can perform???
Take away the digital audio, the Autotune, and the lights and special effects.. None of them could win a Kareoke Contest at your local bar. Again, and we're supposed to spend money on THAT??
I feel really sorry for the kids growing up thinking that any of these acts have a clue.
It's like trying to write a book with no vowels, nouns or verbs,and random puntuation, and then yelling it at the top of your lungs when you try reading it.

Xzkkgt. Gh. T! oojfdgjk? fgJOOOgdSZxguh and then Fjoohdeesgvjkjnl;l; The End!
Brilliant!! Just Brilliant!
# 1 GonzoStar81 @ Mar 18
its is crap lyrics mean nothing anymore its all about the beat now! cheif keef, 2chainz im smdh right now at this garbage!
# 2 tril @ Mar 19
I disagree. If you said that commercial top 40 music is crap. Id somewhat agree. However, throughout time, that has always been the argument; and its usually fueled by previous generations.
IMO, music is wide open. Technology has opened the doors for all types of artists to be heard; and within this you'll find tons of quality artists. Its up to the listener to find this so called "quality music". Its always been that way.
It used to be only college radio that would provide an outlet for these artists. now its the internet, and different music services.
# 3 DGMikeBarker @ Mar 19
I disagree. Music today is more than the mainstream radio. Like what @tril said, because of the Internet you can listen to millions of different artists/musicians you never heard before that might fit your specific taste.

As a hip-hop fan, I go to a few websites that post daily music and daily mixtapes (free albums) from tons of artists. Search and you will find what you want.
# 4 Bmore Irish @ Mar 19
You generalized too much. There is plenty of garbage music out there today, but even some popular music, whether it tickles my fancy or not, is pretty good.
# 5 cusefan74 @ Mar 20
Music is not even close to good anymore. In fact it's not even music.
# 6 kg54mvp1 @ Mar 20
Listen to the black keys and the arctic monkeys then shut up.
# 7 schnaidt1 @ Mar 20
the new JT cd is fricken amazing music if u appreciate the beats an lyrics an flow. only other good artists right now are the weeknd. frank ocean and miguel. lyrically those 4 are on top of their game.

as far as rap is concerned. wale is the only consistent one right now
# 8 Jimbo614 @ Mar 21
Really? I mean Really? Frank Ocean is good? Compared to Barry White? Teddy Pendergrass? Isaac Hayes? Luther Vandross? or Marvin Gaye?
And the Black Keys? Compared to Weather Report? or Headhunters? or Tower of Power? Really?
And I AM talking about the music you hear on the radio due to formatting, see my comments about "Bean-Counters". There ARE good musicians out there today, you're just never going to hear them on radio. I'm not saying they don't exist. I'm just saying that producers and record companies have all the control over what you are told is good. Which has nothing whatsoever to do with what is really good.
And what I am saying pertains to every genre of music. It's all about formula and marketing, and has little to do with talent.
# 9 Jimbo614 @ Mar 21
BTW, I think Pink is brilliant!
# 10 schnaidt1 @ Mar 21
its 2013. if u are still driving around listening to local radio vs your ipod or sat radio well thats ur own dumb fault and u have nothing to b*tch about.

everyone knows local radio sucks. this isnt new an if ur only complaining about something everyone already knows then ur waisting ur time.

u said good music is out there. so go buy an ipod an listen to it . no one is forcing you to listen to the crap on the radio. that is a choice YOU make an since YOU have alternatives i dont get why you are complaining.

and frank ocean has had 1 mixtape and 1 cd. you cant compare that to legends but vs his peers he is one of the best.
# 11 TB12TCUPROCOMBAT @ Mar 21
The Black Keys are where it's at. I also like muse and several other bands but i dont like that mumford and sons crap that everyone like. Also I like macklemore but not the thrift shop, and we danced macklemore i like the other songs that nobody else knows such as life is cinema, and irish celebration.
# 12 horrormaster @ Mar 22
Sturgeon's Law - 90% of everything is crap
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