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Alternatives to NCAA Football? 
Posted on August 23, 2013 at 11:15 PM.
So let's say that there will never be another College Sports game.. Ever.
Are there any suitable alternatives?

1) Arena Football...Sure its been done before. But now without resources being lent out to NCAA, maybe there could actually be interest in Arena Football
2) The CFL...I don't know much about the CFL, maybe a video game might garner some interest?
3) Historic Madden...Imagine a Madden game totally based on the 1967 football season.. Lombardi's Packers, Cowboys, Chiefs, with a separated AFL/NFL. Or for that matter almost any season could do.
4) A completely fictional league with a team in LA, another in Brooklyn.. All done straight faced with original uniforms, stadiums etc.
5) and if all else fails...There's still the real thing. Does pretty good I hear. Maybe with no video games, we can actually sit down and watch a real game for a change.
# 1 penguinsniper811 @ Aug 24
I think NCAA is so successful because of all the people that do just sit down and watch a real game. I love College Football, so even if NCAA releases a horrible game, I will still buy it and play the crap out of it
# 2 Jimbo614 @ Sep 7
Well , I agree with you about watching the real thing.
But I'm not saying NCAA is horrible, I'm putting out the possibility that there may not be another NCAA game due to the O Bannion Lawsuit.
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