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Green Cheese 
Posted on October 20, 2013 at 03:44 PM.
I come to this site daily. In fact, other than Google News, its the only site I visit regularly.
I've been a member for four years now.
After reading posts complaining about this and that.
And witnessing and also contributing (I have to admit) to all the gnashing of teeth over sliders..I have come to realize one thing...
You guys have no idea what you're doing. You think you do, but you don't.
First, the sliders... For one thing,
Sliders for head-to-head play, or play against the computer are totally tailor made. Just because your sliders work for you and your game skills doesn't mean they're going to work for anyone else. It's like borrowing a suit of clothes.. Here, this fits me, so you should wear it.. The posters skills are ALWAYS going to be different than yours. So you are ALWAYS going to get a different result.Does that make any sense??

Along with this, Every time a game comes out, we all jump on the sliders. Ya gotta do this, you gotta do that. This slider affects this, and doesn't affect that; blah blah blah.
I've been doing these games since day one. I play CPU vs CPU total 32 team control, no sims, no touch. Been doing it since 1992.
I'm gonna tell you all something..99 per cent of the time these opinions are totally false. It starts a rumor, we all jump onboard, then when the game doesnt work right, we blame the Devs. The main reason 99 per cent of the time a game doesn't work right is because you/we followed somebodys misleading theory on sliders.
I've gone back to all my games over the last three years and reset the sliders to default. Guess what? The games now work perfectly. I can start playing Madden again. There was nothing wrong with Madden 12. I spent two years thinking the game was unplayable. I now find out that all the sliders needed was to have penalties set at default. And Its a brand new game again.
But we all buy into the theories.

Next, Why don't online games play as well as offline?
Answer.. Because everyone becomes a Video Gamer instead of a player in whatever sport that applies.
As someone stated on the 2KNBA forum, "I'd love to see people playing Basketball instead of playing the video game".
It's the Human Element that can never be taken out of the action.
So we all used Michael Vick and ran him on every single play. we all did it. Don't lie.

And then we come to this board and complain that the online is broken because you're getting scores in the 80's.. It's a steady diet of cheeses online. Why? Because it's better to Cheese and win, and brag to your fiends, than to have to actually sit down and really study and play football than a a game.
It's always going to be this way. That's why Online gaming is always a fail. It's just another way for the companies to get money out of you. And you all keep falling for it. Great Theory, but total failure IRL.

Lastly..I really have to question some of you on your knowledge of sports. I just commented on a thread.. "why does Hibbert with 2.6 Blocks per game have a higher rating than Olajuwon with 3.1 BPG in 1992?" And this guy is really upset about it. And theres like three followers who agree with him.
It's a simple answer.. Because the game has changed in 20 years. I posted that Bill Russell would have had a 99 in 1965. But he wouldn't have nearly as many blocks today, and his rating would be much lower.
But now this guy and others are now convinced that 2K isn't doing their jobs with ratings. The game is broken etc etc. And the rumors start again.. The Ratings are broken!
When all it comes down to is a basic lack of thought on their parts. .
So to sum it up.
Theres a LOT of misinformation and false rumors floating around on this website. Someone says the moon is made of green cheese, and the next thing you know someone is complaining about the crackers. "Where's my Green Cheese?.
Show some restraint people. Check your facts. Just because someone claims to be an expert doesn't make them one. And realize that yes, the Devs kinda know what they're doing.
I mentioned that we're wrong 99 per cent of the time. That would logically indicate that the Devs are probably right 99 per cent of the time.
If you're constantly using someone elses sliders, and rosters from God knows where, realize that all of that has a negative effect on the games mechanics.
Most of these games, using Company Issued Rosters with Default Sliders usually have no issues once the final (Company issued) patch comes out. Doing things to alter the product changes the product, usually for the worse.
# 1 Bryzine21 @ Oct 20
I always try to play the "sport" rather than the "video game". It's just much more realistic and fun even though I lose my fair share of games. I have always liked Madden '12. It is my favorite Madden of this gen. Interesting read. One thing I don't get though is why people play cpu vs. cpu as actually controlling the players seems like the whole point of playing a game in the first place. Oh well, to each his own.
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