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The OS Daily Ten - Jason Collins Attempts to Pave the Way Stuck
Posted on April 30, 2013 at 04:09 AM.

Top Sports News for Tuesday, April 30, 2013

1. NBA Veteran Jason Collins attempts to pave the way for other gay male professional athletes.
Jason Collins revealed to Sports Illustrated that he is gay. By doing so Collins has become somebody who many will consider paving the way for future gay males who participate in professional sports.

2. The NBA's relocation committee votes unanimously to recommend that owners reject the application for the Sacramento Kings to relocate to Seattle.
At one point it looked like the Sacramento Kings were a lock to relocate to Seattle and take over the "SuperSonics" name and colors. Now it appears the odds are once again stacked against Seattle from having a NBA team, at least for now.

3. San Diego Chargers reportedly asked LaDainian Tomlinson to come back for the 2013 season.
The Chargers reportedly tried to reach way back into their bag of tricks and bring LT back into the fold during a conversation this past February. Tomlinson, a class act, rejected the organizations overtures.

4. Dodgers get Hanley Ramirez back, but lose Clayton Kershaw for a few days.
5. Stephen Strasburg reportedly dealing with forearm tightness.
6. UFC 159 medical suspensions - Jones out indefinitely.
7. Anderson Silva called Dana White after UFC 159 asking to fight Jon Jones.
8. NHL announces Round 1 schedule.
9. Colorado Avalanche win 2013 NHL Draft Lottery.
10. Stanford QB Nunes retires after 'freak accident'.

QOTD: The NHL Playoffs start tonight. How did the shortened season compare with your expectations? Did it change your mind about reducing the amount of regular season games in the NHL and other leagues on a permanent basis?
# 1 DBMcGee3 @ Apr 30
I'm all for human rights, but this is no courageous act or groundbreaking event by any means. The guy is a 34 year old 12th man, currently unemployed, who knows very well that his career is dwindling, if not over already. It's not like he's risking anything here, he'll now go unsigned and retire, because nobody is willing to take on a media distraction like that for a guy who is, in fairness, as scrubby an NBA player as you'll ever find. He'll never have to face teammates in the locker room, and he clearly didn't become so "brave" until he had cashed his last oversized NBA paycheck. I'm not saying that it's right for teammates, or organizations for that matter, to judge or punish him for who he is, but we all know it would have happened, and obviously so did he.

Congrats on coming out man, seriously, good for you. However, you're about the 50 zillionth person to do so, and most of them don't wait until they're middle-aged. John Amaechi did this 10 years ago, why is this story any different at all? COLLINS ISN'T AN ACTIVE PLAYER.

At the end of the day, I don't care who you bone. It's 2013, you aren't the gay Jackie Robinson.
# 2 13whitebread @ Apr 30
Who cares just play basketball ding dong
# 3 NoTiCe_O @ Apr 30
That's crazy, I'm actually disgusted. We live in a world where people are held in high esteem for promoting their sin, but it seems very few people care about biblical principles anymore.
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ Apr 30
I'm just sick of criticism against anyone. We all have faults so why criticize others. I believe in a lot of biblical principles but I have faults too. So people should just shut up and let people do what they want.
# 5 NoTiCe_O @ Apr 30
I mean I'm not holier than thou either, everyone has sinned (including me). But it's just like our culture promotes this stuff like it's the way to be, and normal. It seems like nowadays nobody knows what's right or wrong, there's no real moral values being taught (except biblical), which many people are tired of hearing. I mean I could ignore it altogether but it just isn't right, somebody has to say something, so I'll talk this time.
# 6 Jadakiss88 @ Apr 30
@DB while your opinion is respected it's a tad off. Why would an Active NBA player (scrub or not) come out of the closet and risk being a distraction? Collins knows he's a below average player, over the hill Backup, that has no more room for growth. If a team took him it would simple be for depth.

He waited because now teams have the option of picking him up or not. It would be different if it was a superstar player like DWade or KD they would put the NBA in a corner because if they were going into to free agency the only reason they wouldn't be picked up is because of their sexual orientation. Collins came out because: 1) He was tired of waiting on someone else to come out of the closet 2) He's at the end of his career and at this point he will be collecting a check either from 401k, Gay Rights Activist, or as a NBA player (for another year)

@Notice_O The bible also says treat Ephesians also speaks on how to treat one another. At the end of the day if it's not you and it doesn't effect your life you can only move on and pray Collins finds the correct path. Being Disgusted is just as wrong as Collins being gay because you are judging this man and condenming him Romans 2. The Bible says alot of things stop trying to pigeon hole it to make you seem better.
# 7 Jadakiss88 @ Apr 30
@Notice_O Ephesians 4 also speaks on how to treat one another. At the end of the day if it's not you and it doesn't effect your life you can only move on and pray Collins finds the correct path. Being Disgusted is just as wrong as Collins being gay because you are judging this man and condenming him Romans 2. The Bible says alot of things stop trying to pigeon hole it to make you seem better.
# 8 NoTiCe_O @ Apr 30
As a Christian I have to Hate what God hates and love what God loves. Don't you think God is also disgusted by the immorality being promoted. I have nothing against Jason Collins but it's the sin that's the problem.
# 9 NoTiCe_O @ Apr 30
But that's true, I should pray and hope he finds the right path, because you can never get too far from God. If God could change me there's hope for anyone.
# 10 prowler @ Apr 30
@NoTiCe_O You're under the impression that everyone subscribes to your religious beliefs. We don't. So in the eyes of others and (more importantly) in the eyes of the law, it isn't promoting sin at all.
# 11 BloodBCrimson @ Apr 30
@NoTice_0 Thank you for standing up for what you believe in. I'm right with you. I can't stand how our country promotes sin and makes it sound like its the right thing to do. I have a question for the people who aren't religious or don't believe in biblical morals. We don't promote bank robbers and murderers and support them so why do we support gay people? It is just as wrong as robbing a bank or murder. You all know that men and women are supposed to be together and that being gay is going against what is right there for making it wrong.
# 12 Jadakiss88 @ Apr 30 can you compare being gay (not a crime) to someone that robs banks or murder...according to the laws of the land being gay is no unlawful. The only time it is is when it involves rape or molestation and even then it's the act not the persons beliefs.

And once again to all the Religious Nuts out there....throwing God's name or using Bible verses is really weak and unintelligent. I'm a Believer in God and the one thing I know for sure is why I die I don't have to answer for Jason Collins sins or yours and you won't have to answer for his or mine. You will have to answer for yourself and what you did.

People are going to choose the lifestyle they want to live regardless if they believe in God or not. The only thing as a BELIEVER you should do is pray for them and treat them as an equal. Treat them with kindness and respect. If that was the case Jesus would have never married a prostitute....but I bet you probably think that was wrong as well.
# 13 DBMcGee3 @ Apr 30
@Jadakiss......My main point is that by waiting until he's at the very end of his career, and not even currently on a team (aka retired), his announcement now bears no more weight than any other homosexual who has ever come out. There have been several former professional athletes who have done this already, so I guess I just don't understand why the guy is getting credit for starting some sort of revolution. The very headline that he is the "1st openly gay athlete" is completely false until he plays another game professionally.

Also, if the political significance of an ACTIVE athlete being openly gay is so important, to him and other homosexuals, then surely it would be worth causing a distraction to his team to set such a precedent.

Again, I'm not really hating on him for being honest about who he is, and I'm certainly not hating on him or anyone else for being gay. I just don't get why this is so important in comparison to identical instances in the past involving other FORMER athletes, such as Navratilova or Amaechi.
# 14 Jadakiss88 @ Apr 30
@DB Well technically he is still on the Wizards roster so he is an active player in the NBA. I do agree his announcement is not that much more important at all I said in my first post if it was a Superstar then it would probably be a bigger deal but mostly for the negative. With Jason coming out this gives the Homosexual Community and Pro-Gay Rights community a small victory and time for celebration but they realize the guy isn't really known so his coming out won't be something substantial to stand on.

Honestly, I believe this dude knows he just cashed in. He's going to retire soon from the NBA and begin to collect his 401K soon. Shortly after that he will become the face of the Gay Rights Community and collect bank. It was a power move IMHO to cash in...
# 15 HiTEqMETHOD @ Apr 30
I got tired of hearing about Tebow every thirty seconds on Sports Center leading up to him being drafted. I got tired of hearing about Lebron James coming to Miami (and I'm a Heat fan. I got tired of plenty of other over publicised stories involving athletes on ESPN.

Now I just hope they don't make such a huge deal out of Jason Collins as well. It's 2013, where a gay man makes the news for being gay. This is only news because of the millions of ignorant people on this planet who still care what someone chooses to do in the privacy of their own home.

At the end of the day if you're not hurting yourself or anyone else you should be allowed to do whatever it is you choose. Simple, why do people always have to throw religion and all their personal beliefs into what SOMEONE else is doing.

Hopefully, in my lifetime (I'm 22 years old) stories like this won't matter. People will put aside their self righteous idiocy long enough to realize that we're all human and should respect and accept others for who they are.

As for those preaching about hating those who god hates, do you really think it's wise to believe in a faith that teaches you to hate others? Not trying to offend anyone but that logic seems a bit harsh.

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