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What I'm Most Thankful for in Sports Gaming (2012 Edition) Stuck
Posted on November 30, 2012 at 10:46 AM.

This year I am thankful for some really amazing sports games, both new and old.

Let's start with the new.

I am thankful for NBA 2K13, especially in the absence of competition. I'm thankful that 2K Sports and Visual Concepts has given NBA 2K13 the care and attention that a proper NBA simulation deserves; and in the process have made a sports game of the year candidate.

I am thankful for WWE '13 and it's amazing community of creators. WWE '13 is a good game, but it's made great by the ability given to users to create. Whether it be the created wrestlers, created finishers, created storylines, created arenas, or any of the other number of creation options, the community effort really makes this game worth owning. The ways that you're allowed to customize your experience are unmatched in sports gaming today, whether you consider a pro wrestling a sports or not.

I'm also thankful for UFC Undisputed 3 and Forza Motorsports 4, two games that are still in my rotation many months after being released. These two games in particular have stood the test of time for me so far in 2012 and I'm grateful for the amount of enjoyment I've gotten for my $60 with each title.

Now on the old.

I'm thankful for College Hoops 2K8 and the amazing undying support of roster editors for this game. 2K8 was the last great college basketball game in my opinion and to see the dedication of a few continue to push it forward year after year is a testament to the community that we are all a part of as sports gamers.

I'm thankful for All-Pro Football 2K8, MLB 2K11 and Madden 10 just to name a few of the older titles that I still enjoy. The gameplay within each of these titles are still relevant to me, even while new iterations of some exist.

I'm also thankful for quality niche sports titles such as Top Spin 4, Jonah Lomu's Rugby Challenge. In this age of fewer and fewer sports gaming options, these games are gems in my opinion.

But as I alluded to earlier, I'm most thankful as a sports gamer for our community. The Operation Sports community and the sports gaming community at-large represent the best of what can be accomplished when gamers put their heads together. Slider sets, roster updates, mods, and creativity of all manner thrive in our community. Without the community of hardcore sports gamers that we all belong to, none of the games we talk about on the forums or in reviews would be nearly as much fun.

Finally, I want to wish everyone Happy Holidays from myself and OS.
# 1 eaterofworlds888 @ Nov 30
I am thankful for 2k13 as well, best basketball game I've ever played. 2k has stolen my heart the past 3 years.
# 2 tril @ Nov 30
despite all the complaints, Im thankful that most these developers do step up to the plate and deliver quality.
especially this year. EA stepped up with MAdden 13. This is the first year that a Madden title gets more burn than a 2k title (2k5, APF2k8). I believe I have finally begun to let go, and its official the EA team has turned a corner.
The SHOW, CH2k8, and all the NBA2k titles have delivered and continue to do so.
IF it wasnt for sports games, I would have probably stopped gaming a long time ago.
I just hope that these developers do not regress. I hope they continue to strive for sim nirvana.
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