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The Five Coolest Things To Do With Madden NFL 25 Stuck
Posted on August 30, 2013 at 11:03 AM.

With the release of Madden NFL 25 for XBox 360 and Playstation 3, gamers are trying to get the most out of the Madden experience. Today we'll look at five of the coolest things you can do in this year's iteration on Madden.

1. Relocation - A last-generation feature making a return to the Madden franchise for the first time on the current consoles, Owner Mode is back and revamped. Whether it is better or worse I'll let you, the gamer debate. While it's technically more limited in terms of your ability to relocate teams, there are still some very compelling situations to play around with. Three of my favorite teams to relocate (no offense to the fans of these teams) are the Jaguars, the Bills, and the Rams. I like to move the Bills to Toronto, the Rams back to Los Angeles, and the Jaguars to London or Oklahoma City. In the case of the Jaguars especially, you can create the sense that as the owner, you are giving the struggling franchise an injection of excitement. Relocation is a lot of fun this year, the only problem is the CPU relocates a little too often.

2. Full 32-Team Control - This is by far the most time consuming and OCD thing on this list, but it's something I've done on every Madden iteration that allowed it. When you take control of every franchise, you mitigate the AI roster management issues and the poor NFL draft AI. You can also hire and fire coaches realistically. You have the option to delegate tasks that you aren't interested in to the CPU or you can play Madden "God". It's up to you and options are ALWAYS a good thing. For me, this is the definitive way to play Madden and Madden NFL 25 is no different. Think that Geno Smith's time is now? Make him tops on the depth chart. Want the Jay Cutler era to end in Chicago after this season? Let him walk in the off-season and draft a successor. The possibilities are endless and I love that kind of power over my NFL experience.

3. Start a career with an NFL rookie - Hey Rook! One of the most fun ideas is to take a rookie from this year's draft and try to make that player an NFL superstar and maybe a Hall of Famer. Can you make #3 overall pick Dion Jordan the pass rushing nightmare that Miami drafted him to be? Can you become the ultimate offensive weapon as the Rams' Tavon Austin? Lock down the NFL's best wide receivers with the Jets' Dee Milliner? Guide the Bills back to relevance with EJ Manuel? There are so many options here. Make them forget Mark Sanchez with Geno Smith or become a dominant WR with DeAndre Hopkins or Cordarelle Patterson. "Superstar Mode" may not be what it could be, but these scenarios can make it fun.

4. Start a career with a current or an aging star and make history - This is similar to the rookie career idea, but instead you do it with established or older players with great stories. Can you take Peyton Manning and the Broncos back to the Super Bowl? Lead the Bears to the Super Bowl with Jay Cutler? Can you recreate Adrian Peterson's historic run at Eric Dickerson? Bring back CJ2K? I could go on and on with this one but if you're an NFL fan, you probably already have some ideas.

5. Find a 32 team human controlled online franchise - I'll admit that I am not really an online gamer. I find random opponents to be more cheese and irritation than they are worth. I generally find online gaming to be frustrating. I'm what you might call an offline gamer. But if you can find the right group of guys, and find a fully human controlled league, you will have a blast. Forget poor CPU AI, bad roster management, and NFL draft head-scratchers. I
played in a very dedicated NCAA Football online dynasty over a few years and it was some of the most memorable and fun times I've ever had in gaming. Now granted, in Madden NFL 25, it will be tougher to find 32 dedicated players than it was to find 12 guys in NCAA. It can be done however and one place I'd recommend beginning your search is on our very own Operation Sports forums.

These are my ideas about getting the most out of Madden NFL 25. Some gamers love Ultimate Team. Others love 3 vs 3 team up play. However you do your thing, sound off and let me know how you enjoy Madden.
# 1 debauchlord @ Aug 30
I prefer to move Jackonsville to Mexico City as, since they remain in the AFC South, it makes sense; also, natural rivals with Houston, and the Mexico City Jaguars makes sense, as the jaguar is historically linked with ancient Mexican empires.
# 2 poloelite @ Aug 30
Great article man. I've never tried the 3 on 3, may have to look at that tonight.
# 3 JohnDoe8865 @ Aug 30
@debauchlord - That's a good point and one I hadn't considered.

@poloelite - It's interesting, EA hyped up the 3 on 3 just a few years ago and now it's buried in the menus.
# 4 Hurricanes919 @ Aug 30
Would love to find a big CCM league but the forums here are, in my humble opinion, far too restrictive in allowing users to get a group together. All of the leagues that are allowed to recruit on the forums are full and if you want to start a new one (like myself), well... good luck.
# 5 Iceman87GT @ Aug 30
Just got my copy (had it shipped to the house and not my dorm), and I was wondering about the 32 Team Control thing.

Do the Falcons and Vikings automatically move into new stadiums down the road or does the owner have to set that up? If the Owner has to do it can I control my team of choice then in 2014 start the process in Minnesota (so they can move in in 2015) and then go back to just doing one team, and then do the same thing in 2016 (so the falcons move in in 2017)?
# 6 csofva @ Aug 31
Good read, before my preseason was even over in my ccm they had the raiders moving to LA and the jags going to okc, didn't quite understand the logic of going to okc but whatever, I enjoy receiving the feedback from owner mode about my franchise but I most def won't be moving my cowboys.
# 7 MysteriousPanther @ Aug 31
Interesting article. What you said on #5 is dead on. I do play online games (other genres), but not sports. Why? For the reasons you stated. I'll try to give Madden NFL 25 an spin later this year.
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