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How is it everytime we get a new facemask 
Posted on June 5, 2009 at 06:37 PM.
It's almost always wrong, how does this happen?

The Polamalu facemask should look like this.

I just don't see why this is so hard to get, extra bars on the full cage 2 and rb bull.

Why is it so difficult to look on google at the facemask, and get it right?

I'll never understand I guess.
# 1 pjpants @ Jun 6
facemask and dreads=important... gameplay not
# 2 DubTrey1 @ Jun 6
/\ /\ what he said.... seriously.
# 3 pgtrain42 @ Jun 6
You say learn before you type, but you spelled separate wrong...
Also, these are the exact same two facemasks. You sir, are an idiot.
# 4 KANE699 @ Jun 6
Oh no a mispelled word call the cops.

Its the exact same facemask yes both have been photoshopped by me to look like they properly should, there havent been any other pictures released of any new facemasks for me to see if they are right or wrong.
# 5 PeckinOrder @ Jun 6
Then why in the **** are you complaining, if you don't know if they got it right or not. What a tool.
# 6 Hellisan @ Jun 6
LOL at flaming people in your blog. You guys that get obsessed about this stuff... SMH. How do you handle real-life problems?
# 7 KANE699 @ Jun 7
The art department is just as important as any other department period.

It's not that I don't want people reading it, its the fact that if you don't like if halfway in, click the x and go read something else, simple as that.
# 8 KANE699 @ Jun 7
I haven't deleted anyones comments in here but my own, you can leave all your foolish hate in here for something you don't understand and it will be taken care of.
# 9 KANE699 @ Jun 7
If the facemask is wrong then its wrong, I don't see how it doesn't make this blog not knowledgable.

Point is its wrong, it needs to be fixed, and im not the only one who see's this, just because you don't care about it doesn't mean its not an issue.

Senior producer Phil Frazier already told me they were going to see what they could do about it. So much for it not being a problem huh.
# 10 Shinyhubcaps @ Jun 7
Warrior310, I hate to get involved, but improving facemasks and improving gameplay are not mutually exclusive. Your argument is that one comes at the expense of the other, which is completely untrue, especially with a large company and a 10-month development cycle. They can easily do both.
# 11 TrapStar215 @ Jun 7
Warrior310, you just got owned. Plus the production is broken up into departments. And I think there is at least 5-10 guys working on it. And not one of them said, "Hey, our equipment is looking terrible lets fix it."
# 12 marcoyk @ Jun 8
I can't tell the difference between the two facemasks.
# 13 bfindeisen @ Jun 8
Totally agree with Shinyhubcaps...Warrior310 is way out of line and should go and troll some other blogs and stop sounding like a huge Dbag...Who says fixing a facemask has anything to do with gameplay? Its so annoying how people will complain about people complaining just because its about an issue that isn't relevant to them... ANYWAYS, it is quite frustrating that they still can't even get the cover athlete's equipment correct...typical
# 14 KANE699 @ Jun 8
There is a problem with the facemasks geezus christ I didn't post the actual pictures of them I posted the photoshop pictures!
# 15 njd.aitken @ Jun 9
Well, what can you expect.

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