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Well as more screenshots come out what do we see 
Posted on June 8, 2009 at 03:52 PM.
Another messed up new facemask, god damn it will this ever end up right?

Same issue with Polamalu facemask, the helmet needs to come down to his brow to close the eye opening gap and the bottom corners are squared off when they should be rounded.

I went ahead and fixed this in photoshop.

# 1 CKW11 @ Jun 8
Your fixed version looks tons better.
# 2 carolina_boi @ Jun 8
it also looks like his helmet should be bigger, head looks to small.
# 3 KANE699 @ Jun 8
Helmet size looks fine to me I don't ever see what anyone is talking about when they mention this.
# 4 JohnDoe8865 @ Jun 9
The community needs you on the uniform/helmet/shoes/etc job for Madden 11! I love the attention to detail. It's something that's really been missing from Madden NG.

I appreciate you pointing out the errors as you see them.
# 5 C the Lyte @ Jun 10
Really dude??? What did you fix?
# 6 KANE699 @ Jun 10
The bottom corners arent bowed out anymore and the eye opening has been closed more, its quite noticeable, the bottom of the facemask would be more noticable on a different color though.
# 7 C the Lyte @ Jun 10
# 8 TheTodd84 @ Jun 10
I just don't understand how details like this get left out year in and year out. However, I will reserve my complaints for the gameplay, which is actually looking dynamite. I can't believe I just said that about an EA football game, LOL.

That facemask looks awful and it's a shame that those REVO facemasks have been worn for almost 5 years now and they are JUST NOW getting into the game. Oh Well. Madden 10 looks good. Really good.
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