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Just call me "Mr. Clutch" 
Posted on December 1, 2008 at 10:18 AM.
This Saturday, I was finally able to start my JU dynasty in NCAA Basketball 09 and I had one hell of a first game against FSU. First off, when I read my email from the said that the Alumni was excited to have me as a coach and that if I win our home opener against FSU, they would provide me with some facility upgrades. I thought this was a cool incentive to have! Well, we jumped out to an early lead but we always went through a stretch where we would let them back into the game. We led most of the game....FSU didn't take their first lead until 1:30 left to play. I lost all momentum losing a 9 point lead in a matter of 60 seconds. Tony Douglas was killing us with some timely threes. He was quiet most of the game but took over in the final 5 minutes (this was very cool to see by the way). We were able to take the lead back with a big time 3pt play from our PG, Ben Smith. It was off a designed play and that made it even more sweet. So now, we were up 3 with 6 seconds left and FSU was inbounding. Somehow, Douglas got open for a three and I had to hustle over there with my SF Aaron Hardy because Smith was guarding him and out of position. I was thinking that if he got the shot off it was going in because that was pretty much how the game was going at that point (Douglas was hitting everything)....but Hardy was able to get over there and block his shot! We celebrate the win! we get that facility upgrade!

Now, I'll tell you what made this moment more intense than usual. I was playing with some serious pressure from my wife. I had 15 minutes to get ready for a wedding we had to go to (her boss' wedding!) and she was calling me from upstairs telling me that I better get ready soon (like now) and that WE BETTER NOT BE LATE TO THE WEDDING! Put it this way....if Tony Douglas would have made that 3pt shot and put the game into overtime, I wouldn't have been able to play the overtime period and would have had to shut the game off and lose all that hard work . I don't re-play games (especially since I play 20 minute halves this year) if I would have had to turn it off, i would have just simmed the game and I know it would have probably been a loss. Right after I blocked the shot I threw my hands in the air and saved my franchise, turned off the Xbox, threw on some nice clothes, and managed to get to the wedding on time! And I was STILL smellin' and lookin good for the Mrs.

I didn't have time to think about it while getting ready (was rushing hard to leave on time).....but I have to admit that I was thinking about my accomplishment during the wedding. I think it was one of my better moments!
# 1 bronco92 @ Dec 1
Haha epic story. I can relate well to these situations. The wife always seems to need your attention right at a critical moment. It happens to me a lot while playing online.
# 2 Stroehms @ Dec 1
lol Good story, Krob, I mean...Mr. Clutch.
# 3 JBH3 @ Dec 2
Dude you're hilarious! I love these write-ups of the everyday challenges of being a 'married-gamer'.

When you have a game like that it just makes everything better...I know if I would've lost that game the wedding probably would've sucked for a good while - till the alcohol kicked in.
# 4 K_rob11 @ Dec 2 was a good moment for me....unfortunately, we were unable to use this win as any kind of momentum as we have lost our last two games. I think I let this win get to my team's head.
# 5 ghm125 @ Feb 15
great story K rob!!!!!!maybe soon,there could be a continuation from your console to a handheld,so you could have taken it with just in case needed to finish....I hate do-overs!!!!
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