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M20 All Default Sliders V 2.6 / Patch 1.19 / CFM - Hum v CPU 
Posted on October 6, 2019 at 11:54 AM.

Set is currently calibrated to play with Title Update 1.19 ONLY.

These settings may or may NOT still work with subsequent patches, which I've decided to avoid downloading.

Each patch, though seemingly similar, actually requires a reset to the CFM Injury setting (and possibly a penalty slider tweak or two) to maintain competitive balance and statistical accuracy.

As hard as it may be to believe, one click here or there in either direction changes EVERYTHING. From CPU competitiveness v USER difficulty to playcalling / run v pass splits.


M20 All Default Sliders V 2.6 / Patch 1.19 / CFM - Hum v CPU:

I'm running straight AP Default with ALL settings except:

Superstar Abilities: OFF
Injury: 10 in MM / 10 in CFM
Quarter Length / Runoff: 15 / 12 or User Preference
Offensive Holding: 50 MM / 51 CFM
Facemask: 50 MM / 49 CFM
XP Sliders: tdawg's (recommended) or User Preference

1) The injury slider affects a bunch of things, from defensive pursuit speed to block shed to foot planting and general "physics". Since the engine doesn't produce realistic injury totals / distribution, this is set lower for gameplay over "body count".

To help keep your team's injury count somewhat realistic, manually raise the injury slider to 50, then advance and manually rest to 10, for played games.

Pick a "Sister Team" that's controlled by the CPU and mimic their injuries, by taking your players off the depth chart in those positions.

Also, when I get a box that asks if I want to risk injury by playing someone who is injured, I decline and take them off the Depth Chart. I do this with both in game injuries and also decline the option to have players play, before fully healed.

I use a combo of ALL my in game injuries, coupled with ALL injures on the "Sister Team".

2) Super Star abilities is a great idea, but so far they skew the gameplay in a major way. Sacks go up, spacing and timing is affected and the overall result isn't worth the "benefit", at this time. I also don't care for the graphics. I'm a "clean screen" guy.

3) As always, Run / Pass Commit is OP for the USER, as well as "Jump the Snap" and spamming the pass rush moves. Same with "Defensive Assist". Touching the L1 at ANY point during the play. pretty much blows up whatever play the CPU was attempting to run. The Hit Stick is also a little OP this year, so I'd lay off of that as well.

4) On All Pro there can be an advantage to the USER, so the lower rated team, the more challenging it'll play. I always go with rookie QBs on "rebuild" squads to not only level the field, but to make multi season play more engaging. Your call, but "less is more" when choosing a team / QB to play as. Not as necessary as previous iteration of the game, but I like to make things as difficult as possible. That necessitates well thought out Team Building / Player Development, etc.


Thanks to both Darth Raider for helping nail down the optimal injury setting and to JoshC1977. His thread convinced me to revisit straight default after an unsuccessful run at sliders, etc. I prefer the "other end of the spectrum" with regard to how the injury slider is set, but I agree that the game is a "less is more" proposition at this time.
# 1 Nelly @ Oct 6

do you use custom playbooks? I tried those from ChaosFactor, but I’m not that happy with them & gameplans are also as limited as with the default ones.
# 2 KingV2k3 @ Oct 6
I'm back to using the team default books since the latest patch .

Defaults are still less than ideal, but the run v pass splits are solid and you don't shut off weather by using two controllers.

I just wish the D Books didn't dial up so many more blitzes than you see on Sunday.

If sabo had PS4 books up, I'd be using them, but that's not the case this year.
# 3 Nelly @ Oct 8
Didn’t know using custom books affects weather?
# 4 KingV2k3 @ Oct 8
When you use two profiles / two controllers / custom books, the weather is the same every game.

Sunny / Clear / etc.

No rain / snow / etc.

Been that way for as long as can recall.
# 5 Nelly @ Oct 8
Haha, never realized.
It’s a shame, seriously. Gameplay is really really good, but those gameplans man.
HB1TD has some books for defense online, they look promising but now that I know it affects wheater I’m worrying if it also has negative impact on gameplay. With EA you never know.
# 6 awffltony77 @ Oct 12
Default includes auto flipn I assume? And default xp? I know you usually use Tdogs
# 7 KingV2k3 @ Oct 12
Hey Tony:

Yeah, I have auto flip on, but that's also user preference, along with XP sliders.

Game is pretty stable, so I don't THINK variances with those options will skew the core result.
# 8 Raider Ren @ Oct 13
I’m in, too.
# 9 awffltony77 @ Oct 13
I don't know why quite yet, but with auto flip on, the CPU is much more deliberately hitting holes committing to one cuts. With it off, I've seen more instances of the cpu hitting a wide lame and then for no sensible reason cut hard into a defender. Quite literally tackling himself...

That, and holding L1, at any point. This I feel is OP snorting steroid hotrails off of OPs balls. Try it, pick the MLB and hold L1, amd watch everyone laser to the ball and insta shed. Don't touch it and routinely get scorched when you should.
# 10 awffltony77 @ Oct 13
@ Ren: huh?
# 11 awffltony77 @ Oct 13
Oh sh!t, here is something small but wonderful I've been doing:

Turn every K and P's KPOW down by 10 (just make sure the K is at least one or better than P, or that legacy glitch).

This is perfect. Punts look and are statistically way better, and best, they don't line up for 68 yard FGs any more
# 12 KingV2k3 @ Oct 13
Thanks for the reminder on Defensive Assist (L1), Tony.

I forgot to add that to the blog post in the "Don't Use / OP for the USER" section, so I just did.

Touching that at ANY point during a play, pretty much blows up whatever the CPU was trying to run.

The Auto Flip thing doesn't surprise me.

"Spacing" is key to the CPU's perception of what works for them and what won't.

Having it OFF (as opposed to default) likely just confuses the AI.

Haven't seen anything wacky out of the CPU in the kicking game thru 3 / 4 of a season, so haven't seen need for edits, but good to know.

When settings are "off" a major tell are those CPU moonshot FG attempts and / or the inability to coffin corner / down a punt inside the 10.

So far, so good on all that.

Thanks for the input, as always and nice to see ya, Ren.

Word on the block is you're up for an AP stroll, so hopefully you enjoy!
# 13 kennypowers88 @ Oct 17
Hey King! Good to see you back at it. As usual, I'm on the dreaded All Madden quest. Lucky for me, the boosts of years past seem to be as mild as ever. Genuinely impressed by how stable the mode is.

So I'm in the process of giving your sliders here a run on All Madden. But knowing you, you've certainly given this a try. So any tips or tweaks you recommend for these setting on AM? Perhaps something that will decrease interceptions and QB accuracy as these are the usual culprits?
# 14 KingV2k3 @ Oct 17
Hey KennyPowers88!

I gave up on AM after trying ( VERY unsuccessfully) to beat something somewhat realistic out of that level with both M18 and M19.

As a result, I have no idea how this setup will translate from AP to AM.

Since it addresses "general physics" (speed / timing v spacing), it MAY help with those areas.

If so, then working the QBA and INT sliders to compliment would be the track to take.

Sorry I can't be of more definitive help, but AM remains a mystery to me.

# 15 KingV2k3 @ Oct 17
Additionally, those tweaks were made previous to today's patch, so I'm also not sure if that's a factor as well.

May have to adjust if I opt for current version, etc.
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