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Kolbe's Scouting Report
Written 04:34PM - April 21, 2009
Written 01:06AM - February 7, 2009

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# 47
kennyacid @ Jul 24, 2012
So you leave Sony/MLB which is great game to go to EA/Madden which is looking better then ever this year. Seams like greatness follows you lol
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# 46
pay26 @ Jan 25, 2011
hi Koibe

I just wanted to comment on mets helmet is blue with black and the rockies is black and purple to make it look more realistic the game otherwise excellent work

one more thing when the game is to umpire should wear rain jacket and fans all hope is also March 8 to buy the game greetings from mexico
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# 45
42 @ Dec 6, 2009
Happy Birthday Kolbe!
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# 44
Artful Dodger @ Jul 2, 2009
I'd been in a deep funk ever since my beloved All-Star Baseball disappeared when Acclaim did and had resigned myself to never having that kind of wonderful baseball game again. But you guys have filled the void and then some. One last thought -- ASBB had the option of the camera resorting to the fielder's POV (ALL fielders) when the ball was hit. You'd even look up to see the flyball coming down. It was a pretty great feature. There's a bit of that, obviously, in the RTTS version. Any chance of adding something like that to the regular game? Anyway, thanks again for producing this wonderful, wonderful game. I am forever indebted.
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# 43
Artful Dodger @ Jul 2, 2009
The frustration for me, I think, is that I expect good results to be rewarded and could not accept the notion that an MVP caliber season would be greeted with an offer to play at AAA. I've been playing at the All-Star level and am about to play at the next level after I accumulate as many points as I can in Spring Training. I'm curious -- do you get more points for achievements at the higher levels or is it the same? Anyway, thanks again for bringing so much enjoyment and pleasure to my life with this game. MORE

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