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Real Football Impressions 
Posted on September 15, 2010 at 09:36 AM.
Watching Week One of the NFL Season and then turning on my console to play Madden left me with an empty feeling. While the game is only a representation of football, its not a very good one. We've gone and on about the complete and total lack of defense in Madden 11, but here are a few other things that left us perplexed as well:

1. While broken tackles are certainly a big part of the game. FACT: I saw more broken tackles in one game in Madden than I saw all five of the games I watched combined. its almost like it's scripted in Madden that the first tackler will miss. NOT GOOD. I saw plenty of good tacklers on Sunday. Here's one of many: Phillips is rated a 78 and Williams a 95 in Madden, what do you think would have happened on the virtual gridiron? Hopefully the Madden Defense gets its teeth back sometime this millennium.

2. Check this out: That was pretty good man defense wasn't it? Running step-for-step with a good receiver in Madden? RARE. Can't say you'd ever see this in a Madden 11 unless you're a Jets fan watching Darrelle Revis. FYI: Guyton is a below-average rated LB (he's a 75) kinda makes this super-powered offense/no defense route Madden took this year look a lil' silly, no?

3. The vast majority of passes that aren't caught or broken up are off-target and out of reach of defenders AND receivers, it'd be nice to see this be true in Madden as well.

4. After watching the Cowboys/Skins game (and several others) who's ready to see mismatches drawing more penalties like holding, pass interference and illegal contact instead of 3-4 sack games and over 200 yards receiving? I KNOW I AM.

5. Watching the scores in real NFL games and then seeing them in Madden is embarrassing. Defenses need to be a much bigger factor. PERIOD.

6. Know what else is embarrassing? Watching Madden zone defenders let receivers cross their faces without any reaction at all, and then watching the real NFL and seeing guys like Kevin Boss and Dustin Keller (and countless other guys) getting their clocks cleaned by waiting zone defenders. In Madden, Ray Lewis probably would have fallen backwards on this hit because defenders are idiots that fail to react aggressively. Ask Keller if real-life zone defenders fall backwards from absorbing a tackle instead of DELIVERING one.

7. Tonight I saw a game-ending goal-line stand by the Chiefs (say what?) that's right,Kansas City. We're gonna need much more of a defensive presence in Madden 11. only five teams scored 30 points on opening weekend, and NONE scored 40.
# 1 JaymeeAwesome @ Sep 15
I have yet to score 40 in a game
# 2 Senator Palmer @ Sep 15
Keep ringing this bell, my friend. I keep hearing about the improved defense since the roster update, but the same ridiculous broken tackles and poor technique on user defense is still there.
# 3 ANDROMADA 1 @ Sep 15
nice blog. The patch should address most of the defensive issues. The scoring is way out of hand. Pass defense and broken tackles need the most work imo.
# 4 Beastly Wayz @ Sep 15
I agree, Where's the defense I forseen this last year with the scoring, its like Madden evolved to virtua football. EA figured the average fan wanted touchdowns, they thought that is what makes sales. Although from this site and plenty other blog sites, I think they results will beg to differ. But again my 9 yr old son loves the game, so maybe that's what they wanted the younger generation, bad thing is I buy his games, and unless Madden changes, I doubt I will be purchasing 2012
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