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Posted on June 6, 2014 at 12:55 PM.
First off, I greatly appreciate the readers of my previous entries who have given me support through a rough time. Thanks so much, fellas

It's been awhile since I blogged about the job situation, mainly because things were either static, or I was going through interview processes and didn't want to jinx things. Time to get caught up!

Since late January, I was job-hunting as usual at my desk here in my den. In early February, a posting on careerbuilder caught my eye; Games Workshop was looking for an Account Executive. I had been doing very similar work to that for the last 9 years so I quickly saved that job on the job site and then found the nearest retail location so I could go see what they are all about.

I get down there and am greeted by a fantastic young lady who runs the location on her own. She was painting small plastic figures when I walked in and I was immediately intrigued by the hobby and game that is Warhammer. I was a bit overwhelmed but she got me to play a quick demo game and man I was hooked! I went home and immediately put in for the job.

I continued to research GW and their Warhammer games on the web, and visited the store several more times. She had me paint a dwarf figure on the next visit and it turned out fairly well for a blind guy his first time out (these suckas are tiny! About an inch and a half for this dwarf). Heck, I even got my wife hooked on the hobby as well!

February rolled into March, no feedback on the position. I did put in for two other positions that I had no real experience at, just to try to get in for an interview. No luck.

Finally in early April, I was contacted by GW for an interview for the Account Exec position! I was pumped, got a haircut and new shirt and tie, studied up on Warhammer some more and went in. The interview went well, and I was contacted a few days later via email that the position had been filled.

Meanwhile, my manager friend was relocated from her store to another one. Corporate was having issues with covering her old store so she texted me in mid-April, asking would I like to manage it for a short time as that store was closing soon. I said sure! She trained me up over three days and I ran the store from late April until the end of May. It was hard work but just a ton of fun.

While covering the store, I put in for another position that is actually a perfect fit for me with GW, and I got the interview which went great. Then I got a second interview Wednesday and was called with an offer the same day by dinner time EXTREMELY awesome! I start in about a week!

It has been a tough road to this, with several particularly dark days where you question your worth in this world and the 'why?' of existence. Thankfully, those days passed like dark clouds but man, there were a lot of clouds in that five-day forecast at times! With my wife at work, being alone all day during job-hunting...yeah, sometimes you can lose your perspective.

Things that helped me a lot were working out at the gym regularly, setting to-do lists for myself Monday through Friday, keeping a schedule M-F of 'working' from about 10-5 each day in my office (this also included errands and such), and quite a few chats with God when I'd walk in the park. It also wasn't a bad thing to take a day 'off' every few weeks and just try to relax and recharge emotionally.

The timing of all of this is great, especially with my wife having been hospitalized a few weeks ago for an infection that turned into blood poisoning. She's doing better now and is home, just one more minor procedure next week. We would both like just a nice easy road to drive on for awhile! LOL

Hey, thanks for reading all of this. I didn't set out to write an epic, and this is the final version after two rounds of editing!
# 1 GamerDad48 @ Jun 6
Congrats on the new job! Way to keep a positive look on things when they weren't so positive! What position did you get with GW? Thoughts and prayers to you and your wife on a speedy recovery!
# 2 mike24forever @ Jun 6
Dan, I couldn't be happier for you and your loving and supportive wife. Also, I hope this means we will see you on BF4 more now!
# 3 inkcil @ Jun 6
Congrat's man!
# 4 Peninc @ Jun 7
I remember your very first post about this and it resonated with me. Congratulations man. Very happy for you.
# 5 Lieutenant Dan @ Jun 7
Thank you so much, guys. GDad, it's a customer service position

Mike, I hope so...but my speedtests keep coming back piss-poor the past week or so I may go ahead and try it tonight and see how it goes. Might have to bite the Comcast bullet, from one evil (Belsouth) to another.
# 6 DJ @ Jun 8
Awesome news, Dan! I've been in your shoes and it really is a great feeling when you get that call. Like you said, even with positive thinking and attitude, you can get down or have days where you wonder if you'll ever get a job. I hope your wife feels better, too. That sounds scary!
# 7 Lieutenant Dan @ Jun 8
Thanks, DJ; I was hoping you'd be reading

My wife is doing better, thanks! Of course now the dr bills start rolling in..ugggh. Starting a new job at least helps with that.
# 8 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ Jun 8
Congrats on the job man! Good Luck as you start it!
# 9 Lieutenant Dan @ Jun 8
Thank you, KW!
# 10 bigdoc85 @ Jun 8
Congrats and Best Wishes!
# 11 Lieutenant Dan @ Jun 9
Thanks doc! Signed my acceptance letter today
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