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The New Operation Sports Review Process Stuck
Posted on March 7, 2011 at 03:49 PM.

In case you missed it, we are re-doing how we do reviews moving forward. I posted a blog about our new scoring system a few weeks ago, and you should check it out!

But within that blog post, I didn't quite explain how the new review process at Operation Sports is going to work, and I want to spend a few paragraphs talking about that here.

Starting today, you will see the new review process in action as we just posted initial impressions of Fight Night Champion from Steven Bartlett, who is reviewing the game.

Each review of a game we consider to be "major" in some way, shape or form will have anywhere from one to five initial impression pieces that will let the writer focus on specific aspects of a game leading up to its final review. Thus, you won't see a writer score a game with just a few days of playtime anymore. This is done so we can still provide meaningful content and impressions on a deeper level than before for OSers while also giving the reviewer time to delve into as much of a game as possible before giving a scored review.

We simply want our reviews to be the best for our genre, and while we don't feel we were doing a bad job before, we just knew we could be doing a better one. Most of the time you won't see a scored review on OS until at least a week after a game is released -- of course, this is slightly dependent on embargoes and when we get the game for review, so it could still be more or less than a week in some cases. We are going this route to maximize the effectiveness of our reviewer in trying to accurately score a game.

Let's face it, bugs are found, fatal flaws are discovered, and most of the time this happens after a review has been posted at most media outlets. Games that got 8s and 9s have online components that simply don't work, or worse, major balance issues that a reviewer did not have time to pick up on. While there is no perfect review system, and this one will still have plenty of flaws, we feel it's going to be the absolute best way to handle reviews in our genre.

So to recap, this simply means you usually won't see scored reviews immediately at a game's launch on OS, but you will see deeper, better and we hope much more accurate coverage going forward. Also, expect our "triple a" final reviews to be a bit shorter than the ones we wrote previously, if only because we will be spending so many words on impression articles before the final review hits the site.

Be sure to review our new scoring rubric before then so you are all prepped and ready to go since the scores 1-10 have been shifted in meaning under our new system!!

Feel free to comment on this! We love your feedback and take it to heart, even when you tell us we are crazy!
# 1 leafs nation @ Mar 7
sounds like a really good idea. Especially in sports video games when you know there will be a new one every year. small changes can seem really big for a day or two after release you buy it and realize you have pretty much bought an identical game. Case in point for me NHL.
# 2 ajaxab @ Mar 7
This seems like a well-conceived and solid move for OS. Whether OS'ers will have the patience to wait for what should ultimately be better reviews will be another question. :-)
# 3 leafs nation @ Mar 8
I'm with you OSU, until this year. For example I'm waiting for reviews of the baseball games this year. If it takes a month it takes a month. Season doesn't start until then anyway. I have always been one to get the games for the sports I like on release day. More and more I feel less and less thought and effort is being put in. The franchises are still so stupid (a.i.) and franchise is my favorite mode. I thought they would seem more involved and alive as systems evolved. I'm not sure some of my games from 15 years ago didn't seem more alive and involved. I want the best game and am at a point where I don't have to have the newest thing if it's not much better than the old. A month wait for a review that is only written once the whole game has come to light sounds perfect to me.
Good job OS. To me this shows that you want to be the best in a saturated market.
# 4 bigsmallwood @ Mar 8
I like this new way of reviewing games! #LetsGo
# 5 superbus @ Mar 10
As someone who was the sports reviewer at a mid-sized website: this is a great system. When I put in my NHL '11 review, it took me weeks to find everything in that game that had to be mentioned, and because of that, I got bitched out. EA wasn't happy (the review was past deadline), my EIC wasn't happy (ditto), and my hit count wasn't happy, despite the fact that I wrote what I felt was one of the best reviews on the 'net, not only because of my background but also because I found stuff others didn't find.

This system is a very nice balance, especially once the kinks are worked out.
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