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FIFA Soccer 13: The King of Sports Games Stuck
Posted on October 31, 2012 at 12:44 PM.

Forget Madden. Forget NBA 2K.

Forget them all. FIFA Soccer is the unquestioned king of sports games, and it's not even close.

FIFA Soccer 13 sold 7.4 million copies in four weeks
. That's more than any other sports game will sell in a whole year. Yes, read that again. Not even Madden can boast that sort of a performance ever. FIFA Soccer 13 is the fastest selling sports game ever and currently perhaps the top selling game of the year of all games.

In a recent interview with IGN, EA Sports head man Andrew Wilson attributed the sales successes of the brand to, "As a team we got together over the last couple of years and said ‘listen, we really need to focus in on what’s important and focus in on what gamers want out of us to ensure our long term health and growth.’ And it’s worked very well for us.”

FIFA 13 is the most wide ranging sports game across the world, it is this worldwide audience that allows the franchise to flourish. The title appeals on the three major gaming continents: America, Europe, and Asia and it does so with a quality experience that offers an accessible yet fun experience. No other sports game has that sort of reach -- and it's why FIFA is the unquestioned worldwide leader in sports gaming.

EA's digital business did well with FIFA as well, with the title earning over $65 million with downloadable content. FIFA Ultimate Team is, of course, the driver of that revenue as the mode is wildly popular among online players.

What do you guys think? What has led to FIFA becoming the top selling gaming franchise of 2012? Let's hear your theories!
# 1 keator @ Oct 31
Love live the KING
# 2 keator @ Oct 31
*long live sorry
# 3 garyjr33 @ Oct 31
I wonder how much of that is due to the fact that soccer is the most international sport of the core 5.
# 4 keator @ Oct 31
basketball and hockey are both international games... Fifa just created the best online sports game experience, and #FUT just completely changed the way sports games are played online. How many other sports game have copied #FUT in some aspect. Madden and NHL (but both are EA makes sense) but 2k completely ripped off #FUT for nba 2k13. Fifa sets the trends, and other games follow
# 5 Undead @ Oct 31
The main reason Fifa wins in POPULARITY is because Soccer is the most international sport and popular sport in the world. It's just like Football or Basketball would sell more in USA and how Hockey would sell more in northern countries such as Canada or Russia. It all goes back to the sports popularity, not the game itself.
# 6 DJ @ Oct 31
Soccer has more international pull than U.S.-driven sports, so that helps.

FIFA has found a nice blend of arcade/sim with its gameplay and that helps. It also doesn't take too long to play a game, so it's easier to pick up and play than games like The Show, which take well over an hour.
# 7 keator @ Oct 31
^ great point, soccer lends itself better to a video game than any other sport. Less stopping and starting and the matches dont take as long to finish. People shrug off the numbers but that is amazing how many units of this game EA sells, plus the added DLC content. FIFA is EA bread winner
# 8 ajaxab @ Oct 31
You can't forget the simplicity of Fifa's controls either. Not only is the sport itself simple to understand, but the game allows players to select a highly simplified control system as well. 2 button control makes it an extremely accessible pick up and play for even someone as video game averse as my sister in law.
# 9 statum71 @ Oct 31
I think the international popularity is the reason for the huge sales numbers.

FIFA's a great game, but not the best. I still think The Show and 2K have FIFA beat.

FIFA still has too far to go in the TV-style presentation area to my liking.
# 10 sarlndr @ Oct 31
It's a digitized version of the most popular game on the planet. Of course it's going to sell through the roof. Just because a game sells a ton doesn't necessarily make it the best.
# 11 keator @ Oct 31
of course sales dont make it the best, the online gameplay, and over game make fifa the best...

Fifa destroys nba 2k when it comes to game play, online experience, freedom in the game and fun factor...
# 12 gomito#10 @ Oct 31
This is a joke just like Justin Bieber is a joke. Best selling is down to $$$$$$$ spent on ads and marketing and the worlds most popular sport. This game has many bugs, has no soul and gets repetitive fast.
# 13 kingsofthevalley @ Oct 31
I think it has to do with the fact that soccer is internationally huge. I also think it has to do a bit with the players actually moving like people move lol. It feels real.
# 14 ZoneBlitz @ Oct 31
Crack and cocaine are extremely popular around the world. Doesn't mean it's any good.

In fact, there are more people that are addicted to drugs than who eat right, exercise, and maintain a healthy weight.

While FIFA does much right - online, graphics - it remains a poor representation of the sport. It is repetitive and doesn't capture the depth and intrigue of how different teams play.
# 15 conrad_hart @ Nov 1
Good point by ZoneBlitz, I totally agree.
It just like that Korean song "gundam style", it has 610,730,513 views on youtube. Do ya'll think it's a good and quality song? I don't think so.....

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