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NBA 2K13 Patched -- A Quick Review Stuck
Posted on November 28, 2012 at 11:29 AM.

In case you were living under a rock, out in the woods, or some combination in between -- NBA 2K13 received a big patch update yesterday with tons of fixes. I managed to play through a couple of games to see that, indeed, NBA 2K13 plays a better game of basketball now which was neither unexpected nor surprising in any way.

The first and biggest thing I noticed was that rebounding indeed was largely tuned and fixed. The game feels much different simply at that point. Players are much more aware of shots and boxing out is a requirement if you want to be a successful rebounder. This is a huge change, and one that I'm very happy to see.

Transition defense got some treatment, and I did see a better transition game overall play out on the digital court. The three point percentages are better as well on the default settings, as they fall in at a much more realistic percentage. This is going to frustrate players who have begun to live (and mostly never die) by the three, especially on the blacktop.

Dunks are still unblockable though -- which is a shame. Also, it seems like some of the AI management issues -- especially with regard to foul trouble and roster management -- don't seem totally fixed.

The contact in the paint seems to be a bit better, and the shooting percentage seems to have fallen a bit for post players as well. Long range passes definitely are more erratic, making them a bigger gamble than they were before.

Another change is that fouls are called on reach-ins much more often. You'll need to keep your hands back more to keep from ending up in foul trouble. The game at default before definitely didn't call fouls as much as it does now.

Other changes I haven't looked at include the MyCAREER and Association changes, but I hardly had the time to get into either of those before press time this morning.

Final Thoughts

This is a very good patch, and I highly recommend that if you own NBA 2K13 to download it immediately. The game plays a much more refined and polished game of basketball when patched, and that's exactly what you'd expect. A good natural progression for the series, the best got better.

Get the most out of NBA 2K13, download the patch now.
# 1 MPB34 @ Nov 28
I think its a pretty good patch feels more realistic I'm enjoying the game much more now it would be cool to see a dunk being blocked though
# 2 Jakeness23 @ Nov 28
Plays better for sure, art still needs its HUGE upgrade though...
# 3 theprocess @ Nov 28
Art needs an update? have no idea how any of this works do you?

I thought the game played well aside from all the offensive rebounds...can't wait to try it out.
# 4 eaterofworlds888 @ Nov 28
I'm very happy with the patch as well. Anytime a patch makes the game better but doesn't mess anything else up it's great! I was actually happy with the way the game was before the patch, but this patch makes it even better.
# 5 aussieBKR @ Nov 28
really good patch, the game play is good as
# 6 MAGboyswifT27 @ Nov 28
Interested to check out the new patch.. Been on WWE 13 lately lol
# 7 JBoo2911 @ Nov 28
Nice patch, rebounding feels like the biggest upgrade. Fast breaks n just the overall feel of the gameplay feels even better! Enjoying this patch!
# 8 garnettfan @ Nov 29
Dis patch fix nothing why jamal Crawford play better than pierce and kobe
# 9 Bulls321974 @ Nov 29
Pretty good patch! Yet I still hope they're going to update the Mavericks and Kings courts!
# 10 al2k4 @ Nov 29
Patch did not addressed the 3pt eurostep glitch shot online which is a big negative.
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