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MLB 2K13 Coming is Great, But How Good Will it Be? Stuck
Posted on January 9, 2013 at 10:59 AM.


The game everyone, including me and every other major sports gaming editor on planet earth thought dead, was announced this morning: Major League Baseball 2K13.

It is exciting news for sure, but I'm also a tad cynical. How much was 2K planning on this game? Has it gotten a full year development cycle or is this Major League Baseball's 'oh crap we don't have a game on XBox' moment so they gave 2K a deal they couldn't refuse to develop a new game?

It definitely feels more like the latter to me, because if the game was truly planned you would have expected a lot more, you know, recognition in quarterly reports from Take Two that a game for one of the most popular sports in America was coming in Q1 of 2013.

Instead, on a cold and damp morning (at least here in Oklahoma) we get a surprise announcement that a new MLB 2K game is coming. And with that announcement, I'm wondering just how much work could have been done on this year's game if everything points to 2K not planning on it until just recently?

This whole thing just feels thrown together.

At the same time, I'm not complaining. A new baseball game, even if just with minor updates, is good news for XBox gamers who want an updated experience where the Blue Jays are pretty good and the Angels have Josh Hamilton.

But this is just me doing what any responsible sports gaming fan/community member/writer/editor should do: minimize expectations and just be happy that 2K Sports hasn't completely folded on baseball.

This also raises interesting questions for the future, I suspect that Major League Baseball did not in any way want its product not on all of the major consoles. I also suspect 2K Sports got a much better deal than it has gotten in the past to develop the game this year. I also suspect that this means that Major League Baseball won't accept a one console reality for baseball as we head into the next generation of consoles either.

This likely means that either 2K or EA Sports will almost certainly be fielding a baseball title next year and beyond. It is doubtful both do, but it is also unlikely neither do.

For now, XBox owners have a new baseball option and MLB has its product on two consoles. It was surprising, but perhaps not considering the reality of the situation.

It is most definitely nice to be surprised in sports gaming every once in awhile.
# 1 GrandMaster B @ Jan 9
Now the real question is, will this be a full price game if it is just a roster update?
# 2 Cardot @ Jan 9
Yeah, it seems like this was thrown together at the last minute. But Do MLB executives really care about there game being represented on the Xbox? long as they have their licensing fees?

And if they did get a short cycle, why release in early March? Why not work an extra month and then release when the real season starts?
# 3 ThatRadioGuy @ Jan 9
Now I remember why I quit coming here: the middle school efficiency in which ego is inserted in to all forms of writing. As in: *I*, *me* .. "at least here in Oklahoma" "or in my case editor". Get over yourself, my lord. Steve and Matt, you need to address this long festering problem if you'd like to take this site to the next level of success. With what you have, you're mired in forums focused amateur mode.
# 4 hellothere @ Jan 9
I have never loved MLB 2k series.
In my opinion there hasn't been a good baseball game since MVP baseball.
But I have always preferred MLB 2K to The Show. So I've been a little depressed the past few months thinking I'd be forced to play The Show this year. This is great news for the minority of people who prefer MLB 2k, or more likely, don't have a PS3. I don't expect it to be significantly changed from last years version given the rushed nature, but I'll still take it.
# 5 GlennN @ Jan 9
I will be waiting for the reviews (especially the one from OS!) before plunging in - there is no way I am paying $60 for a roster update (when all I play is franchise, so the current rosters are quickly meaningless once my universe starts anyway).
# 6 boomhauertjs @ Jan 9
My money is on a roster update with little enhancements. Having the Astros in the American League will be good, though. If it is, I really hope they don't try to screw everyone and charge $60 for it.
I'm guessing they didn't release a PC version because they figured everyone will play modded versions of 2k12 or MVP 05 anyway.
# 7 Neitmrh15 @ Jan 9
I'm a big fan of the recent 2k baseball games, so this is great news for me. I would be totally fine with pretty much just a roster update, but wouldn't pay more than $30 for it. A $20 price tag like what they did with NFL 2K5 would be a pleasant surprise.
# 8 misterkrabz @ Jan 9
New cover and a roster update....L'll pass.
# 9 davis420 @ Jan 9
I'm glad to give 2K another shot. I always try to get both games each year. If it is 2K12 with a roster update and some minor enhancements, it is good to have a game on the 360.
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