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UPDATE: SCAM - New NCAA Football Game promises 689 teams, needs your support Stuck
Posted on February 6, 2013 at 12:45 PM.

Are you unhappy with college football gaming's status quo?

Well time to put your money where you mouth is, at least that's the hope of a relatively unknown developer in Dirty Bird Sports who just launched a $500,000 Kickstarter campaign to fund a new NCAA Football game that proposes it will feature all 689 teams from Division I all the way to NAIA for the XBox 360 and PS3.

You read that right.

Dirty Bird Sports and Jam Entertainment both promise to insert the deepest legacy mode game 'of all time' with promises of deep recruiting, sanctions, and more.

Right now all the game has to show are some renders which first appeared in 2011 on Turbosquid. It's possible the renders were bought with the intention of using them in the game -- it's also possible the developer currently hasn't done anything with the game at this time and everyone is being duped. We're going to be reaching out soon for an interview to get necessary information about where the game is currently at in development and where it's going, along with any details on licensing, etc.

It should be exciting to see where this as of yet unnamed NCAA Football game goes (if anywhere, if it's legit at all), and you can bet we will be covering it on Operation Sports through it's development cycle if it actually, you know ever gets off the ground.

What do you guys think? Will you be supporting this game's Kickstarter?

# 1 huntt26 @ Feb 6
A lot of work to be done to make any video game, let alone a 689 team project! Should be interesting to follow...
# 2 PantherBeast_OS @ Feb 6
Man a game like this would be completely Awesome. It would really put EA NCAA team on there toes then. I would love to see this happen. I'm sure it will take a few good years or so to get it going in the right directions. I'm all for it as well. Let it happen.
# 3 CM Hooe @ Feb 6
I'd be immediately concerned by the fact that nowhere in this Kickstarter campaign is licensing with the NCAA (and Notre Dame, that school controls its own licensing rights for some reason) are mentioned. I also want to know about the software production team behind the game; "Dirty Bird Sports" doesn't return any Google results relevant to video game production (or any relevant results whatsoever), and "Jam Entertainment" doesn't return any relevant video game results either.

Most importantly, I want to see some evidence that a game is actually being made beyond still renders; I myself was a software engineer for a video game which my company attempted to earn funding for on Kickstarter - "Always Outnumbered" by SRRN Games. The Kickstarter campaign failed in part because we had little to show the public beyond concept art, still renders, and game design documents before the Kickstarter went live; we had alphas by the end of the campaign time limit, we had a promotional microgame that we released mid-cycle ("Always Outnumbered: Survival"), and most importantly we also had clout by virtue of having successfully released other video games ("Ash" an iOS RPG; "Ash II: Shadows", its follow-up published by Konami; and "Minor Lords: Archibald and Remus", published by 7sixty). However, on Kickstarter, tangible evidence of the final product for which funding is being solicited needs to already exist; it's not here whatsoever.

I need proof that there is actually a game here and that this isn't just yet another pipedream from someone tired with the current one-publisher state of football gaming due to decade-old grudges before I commit any money to this project.
# 4 gerg1234 @ Feb 6
It's ambitious to say the least. Hope they can get it put together though. I may look into a little donation.
# 5 Vaporub83 @ Feb 6
Great in theory...Problem I see is by the time the game is complete the new consoles will be out. Unless the new consoles will be backwards compatible the game won't survive.
# 6 Kentucky_Wildcat23 @ Feb 6
Wish they could do a college hoops game too!
# 7 johnnyg713 @ Feb 6
wow this looks great. I will be donating $100,000 to help get them started
# 8 CM Hooe @ Feb 6
I sent the originator of the Kickstarter a question as to licensing of teams and the experience of the studio behind the game. This description from the user page, however, isn't too promising:

"Based out of Atlanta Georgia, Dirty Bird Sports is a new, up and coming video game company who is expected to end the monopoly of the current College Football gaming industry. With former players and coaches including former Atlanta Falcons runningback Jamal Anderson, We at Dirty Bird Sports have the most qualified staff possible to create a truly first game of its kind and superior games to follow in the future."

Forgive me, but I'm not about to commit money to a studio with no concrete professional experience and no proven ability to complete a video game project, much less a 3D simulation football game with 700 teams and a detailed career mode. I'll be fair and wait for a response to my questions I sent the Kickstarter project creator, but the suspicion I reserved in my previous comment is growing.
# 9 Sportzfan0290 @ Feb 6
I think if they do it they should try too team up with 2k. Look I know 2k is getting WWE but this would be amazing. 2k could do there own National Signing Day where you actually see the recruit pick the hat. I think they should lock up CBB and CFB. 689 teams wow that would be insane. NIA awsome I like that feature because it means you can go deeper into recruiting and you can look at JUCO recruits more. I also say one thing they'll have too start is getting everyones licenses. Which I'm sure won't be too hard too do but they'll have to pay a hefty price. Maybe this is the jumpstart and finally getting EA to stop being so damn lazy and include the FBS like they used too. Let us pray.
# 10 CM Hooe @ Feb 6
Okay, this is a scam. The helmet render and the Carter-Finley Stadium render were originally uploaded in 2011 to the website TurboSquid, a for-purchase 3D model catalog.

I'm convinced that there's no real company behind this game, this is a scam.
# 11 sbuxer @ Feb 6
CM Hooe @ Feb 6 (5 Minutes Ago) Okay, this is a scam. The helmet render and the Carter-Finley Stadium render were originally uploaded in 2011 to the website TurboSquid, a for-purchase 3D model catalog.
Nice find! It sounded so promising, too.... I nearly gave them $50.
# 12 CM Hooe @ Feb 6
For completeness, the Wallace Wade Stadium model is also from TurboSquid:
# 13 The_Wise_One @ Feb 6
Looks awesome. Nice to see that there are some people out there like this
# 14 CM Hooe @ Feb 6
I should be more clear, my original comment I was too reactionary:

It is possible that the Kickstarter originator purchased the models from TurboSquid for use in the game, I'm not sure about TurboSquid's content usage rights. That said, either way there is no evidence of original work on the Kickstarter page and no reason for anyone to back this project.
# 15 PantherBeast_OS @ Feb 6
The way I see it. This company wants people to back their project and all. Show us more before asking people to invest in something like this. I'm for it. But for me to put any type of amount of money into this project of theirs. I need a lot more info and insight on what has been done so far. I don't think this is a scam. But a few photos ain't going to help you get money to help this project out. People need info and hard proof that his going to get done and your not trying to take people money and all.

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