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Three Best NCAA Football Games of This Generation Stuck
Posted on February 19, 2013 at 02:24 PM.

NCAA Football 07.

NCAA Football has had an interesting go of it on the current console generation. Most of the series' leaps came within the middle of this generation with Online Dynasty and the momentum engine that was still in use with this past year's game. However, it seems like NCAA's presentation is still incredibly similar to earlier versions, even as far back as NCAA Football 07 -- with similar camera sweeps and commentary lines that have been in the game for years.

On the field, NCAA Football has seen steady progression with the rest of EA Football from a game which was merely so-so to start the generation to a game which plays a pretty solid brand of football. With the introduction of real-time physics in Madden last year, NCAA Football 13 began to feel quite stale in all facets.

When you try to put games into a list that all hail from the same series on the same console generation, you try to look for advancements in year to year technology and with innovations that still resonate within the series today in some form. With that said, you also have to just look at the game that -- in that year, was the absolute most fun to play that you can remember.

Here are my top three NCAA Football games of the current generation:

NCAA Football 11.

1. NCAA Football 11 - Overall, I felt like I had the absolute most fun and the best/most fun games I had ever had with NCAA Football 11. For some reason, the game just oozed fun despite it's tendency to lean on offensive production a bit much. The funny thing is, while NCAA 11 reviewed incredibly well, it didn't introduce any game changing types of features. What happened, in my opinion, is that the game simply did everything it had before better, which made the total package incredibly enjoyable. I'm pretty certain that the Big XII office was involved in the creation of this game.

NCAA Football 09.

2. NCAA Football 09 - This is the edition of NCAA Football that brought us online dynasty, a move which changed sports gaming forever. No longer was it acceptable for many gamers to simply play out their career modes without their friends, it was now entirely essential to include all of their online buddies into the fray. For that revolution alone, NCAA 09 holds a special place near and dear to my heart.

NCAA Football 12.

3. NCAA Football 12 - The last NCAA Football game to make true and measurable leaps forward. Overall, NCAA 12 might be the best technical game of the batch -- with the all new coaching carousel in Dynasty mode and a better overall presentation being the highlights outside of gameplay improvements. Road to Glory's High School season mode was a great addition as well. Despite the super linebackers we were treated to a game which had momentum based tackling and an overall pretty solid feel. Definitely one of the best of this generation.

Which NCAA Football game has been your favorite in this generation?
# 1 DJ @ Feb 19
NCAA 11 was the game I enjoyed playing the most. At the time, it just felt fresh and polished compared to what we had played the previous 3 years.

1. NCAA 11
2. NCAA 13
3. NCAA 12

I'm not an online guy, so I can't vote for 09. The Wide Open Gameplay was just too unbalanced for me.
# 2 VisceralBishop @ Feb 19
I still love NCAA Football 10. I would probably have the same list as you Chris, just switching NCAA 12 for NCAA 10.
# 3 HustlinOwl @ Feb 19
NCAA 10, the last college football game I played.
# 4 docholliday8706 @ Feb 19
My big problem with NCAA 09 was that got the Iowa home jerseys wrong (Black with yellow numbers as opposed to Black with white numbers). A small issue that doesn't effect everyone and it certainly didn't ruin the gameplay but for EA to get something like this wrong for a Big 10 school especially when it was correct in previous years is a bit of an issue.
# 5 The_Wise_One @ Feb 20
I'd switch 12 with 13 but agree with everything else
# 6 waytofailself @ Feb 20
I cannot get over the dynasty tendency bug in 12, and then the fix cause caused the problem to be reserved. EA's solution was "it's okay, you can edit the roster of all of your opponents!" I put the most time into 12, but it crushed my dynasty.

I would have to go with 10 for the best one. It isn't as fully featured as more recent ones, but with appropriate sliders I would say it plays the best ball.
# 7 bigbuckeyeboi @ Feb 20
If EA Tiburon put in as much effort as they do with Madden then the NCAA would be a great franchise. I feel like they just do enough tweaks every year just to keep people coming back. However the tweaks that they do doesn't make the game far better than the previous year's addition.
# 8 VTHokie525 @ Mar 1
Are named rosters for NCAA Football 11 still available? It's not allowing me to connect to the EA servers.
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