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Madden 12 - Really??? 
Posted on April 10, 2012 at 10:59 AM.
Was at the local "family video" the other day and noticed Madden 12 for Xbox 360 used, and on-sale for $19.99. I thought, what the heck. I had some spare birthday ca$h that needed to be spent, so I plunked down 20 bones to get back in the game.

I had still been playing Madden 10 as it offered solid gameplay and graphics. Never even considered Madden 11 as it was brutal, and was not expecting much from Madden 12 as I'm an avid reader of the many blogs and topics on this site. The overwhelmingly negative reviews and opinions had turned me off...never even gave it a try. I have to say that I'm fairly surprised with the experience I've had. The graphical upgrade from M10 to M12 is night and day. It's really not close. The presentation 12 offers blows 10 away. The gameplay, although it has some bad moments here and there (super LB, timing of penalties, some blocking issues come to mind) is similarly familiar and comparible to 10. The camera angles, celebrations, crowd chants and general game experience really whips 10 on most counts. And the favorite gameplay mode to many, franchise mode, is waaaaay better in 12.

With these points in mind, why is it generally accepted that M10 is a better game than M12? Is there something I'm missing here? In my opinion, there is no comparison. Madden 12 is far superior to Madden 10. Is it 2K11 good...absolutely not, but Madden 12 is a fun game with good and bad qualities, but the good definitely outweighs the negative in my opinion.
# 1 Jadakiss88 @ Apr 10
Where did you find Madden 12 for $20? Here in Bama it's still $45. Good find..
# 2 Jamake1005 @ Apr 10
See if you still enjoy it in two to three weeks from now. When ulocking doesn't exsist, when the computer run your routes. Even at $20 you over paid if you asked me. I got the game for free brand new. Thought ok this isn't too bad this year but sure enough after a couple weeks same ole same ole crap from ea. I enjoy All pro football 2k8 better than madden 12 still. I know I'm bashing it but I'm just tired of their bs. All that matters is you are enjoying it bro. Sorry for long rant.
# 3 MNHuskerman @ Apr 11
No problems man. I just came into it thinking it would be a total pile of dung from the constant negativity and bashing, but was pleasantly surprised. I'm 4 games into my franchise w/ the Vikes and would not turn back to any previous version of Madden. Is this game on the level of 2K11...absolutely not. EA does have a long way to go though, and I am hoping that 2K can get back in the NFL to put out the game we all wish EA would put out.
# 4 MNHuskerman @ Apr 11
I found Madden 12 in Shakopee, MN at Family Video for $19.99. Last year found the same deal on NCAA 11 (my favorite NCAA football game) for $19.99 when Gamestop was still asking for $47.99. I'm hoping to see a similar deal for Skyrim or Forza 4 in the near future, but not holding my breath.
# 5 bigdoc85 @ Apr 11
I bought it new on Black Friday for $30 and played it for a few weeks and thought it was okay. Then the constant "bad presentation and commentary" drove me out of my mind and I traded it in to Amazon for $21 a few weeks ago. With NBA 2K12, FIFA 12, MLB 12 The Show, and NCAA Football 13 only 3 months away, I figured there was no way I would ever play Madden 12 again.
# 6 MNHuskerman @ Apr 11
Would love to dive into The Show, but only have Xbox 360. Never had much love for FIFA since I don't follow soccer in real life. I thought 2K12 was difficult to play, and a definite step back from 2K11...something just wasn't right and I couldn't jive with it. NCAA 13 I'm really looking forward to. April 17th will really shed some light on the "real" improvements, and will go a long way in swaying my decision to buy or not. College football is my favorite sport, so really hoping for a solid release this year if EA has the guts to give us what we want.
# 7 bigdoc85 @ Apr 11
I'm not a soccer nutjob or anything like that but I really enjoy FIFA. It's just a different flow for a sports game and really nice to wrap up a game in twenty minutes with constant movement. I don't really get into the players or teams or anything like that. This is my first year with The Show -- I couldn't get into it until they added analog pitching (which they finally did last year) and made the game more playable (which I believe they did this year -- although I had to adjust the sliders to make it so). Regarding NBA 2K, must just be personal preference -- is there any difference in console playability between Xbox and PS3? I have both 2K11 and 2K12 (for PS3) and really never noticed any major differences in playability but I love the classic teams on 2K12. I played 2K11 on Xbox once and didn't like the feel of it -- I just think it was the difference in the controller feel with the Xbox. I have been buying NCAA Football every year so I don't think this year will be any different! I'm purely a sports gamer -- I don't play anything else except the occasional driving / racing game.
# 8 hoop xyience @ Apr 11
There's some family videos in my local NC area. I know about there deals on games because I rack up on em when the store have to many or just sell the games. Got gears 3 for a price you couldn't beat..

Ohh and glad ur enjoying M12. Its always good to try things for yourself, never know when you might can find fun in a game.

Isn't that why we play games in the first place.
# 9 DBMcGee3 @ Apr 12
Obviously Madden 12 is better than Madden 10 or 11. ANyone making those kind of statements is doing so more for shock value than anything I would imagine. Still, I thought Madden 12 was crap and I wouldn't even pay $20 for Madden 13 unless they do some serious overhauling. It really sucks that developers (EA) are allowed to monopolize these sports contracts the way they do. Not saying I loved NFL 2k but the competition keeps pressure on them to make the games innovative and fresh each year. Don't get me started on the death of College Hoops 2k....
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