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What EA UFC 3 Has Done Well 
Posted on February 10, 2018 at 03:54 PM.
So with all the talk of broken features, complaints left right and centre I thought it is only fair to detail what has been done well in this release. Feel free to add your own, hopefully by clarifying what we like from this release we can narrow down what actually needs to be changed.

- Movement while striking - For me this was the thing that had me most impressed while playing. I consider myself a counter striker/ grappler. The ability to move whilst striking has added a whole new layer to my game and I am still finding nuances in this everyday.*

- The double jab - This is something I called for after the release of UFC 2 and I was thrilled to see it in this release. The double jab can be used to set up a variety of combos and is brilliant for making space, closing space or coming inside to counter.*

- Takedown to on cage denial - Again this is something i called for after UFC 2 and something we see very often MMA whilst this doesn't occur as often as i would like. The ability to chain a failed takedown into another takedown attempt is a great addition and I can only hope this is the start of chained offence. Furthermore, the ability for the defensive fighter to attempt a submission from this position adds great element of balance.

- Strikes on the ground - I love how strikes on the ground now feel like they have weight. It adds incentive to go to the ground and attempt to finish via GnP.*

- Transition to side control / half guard from sprawl - As someone who likes to take the fight to the ground this has added an element of strength when takedowns are denied against a better striker. This is also something seen in real life with fighters such as Maia who pull half guard when takedowns are denied. This also side to prevent stalling from the sprawl position.

- Judging - I have seen some complaints on the judging criteria but I think this is mostly misplaced. Having read through the new judging criteria I can see the effort that has gone into replicating the scoring system within the game. Once you understand how this works you can truly start to appreciate it and understand how to win rounds decisively.

- Stamina - Whilst I still think there are tweaks to be made with this I believe we are overall heading in a good direction. Gone are the days of people throwing spinning attacks ad nauseam. And it finally feels like I can punish someone who comes out guns blazing through a 3 or 5 round fight.

- Strikes off lunges / head movement - Again this is something I called for during UFC 2. The ability to slip and rip or lunge and kick. You see this a lot with guys like TJ and Cruz and I think including this in the game really diversified the angles at which strikes can be thrown.*

- Fighter traits / Moves - The longer I play this game and the more I use various fighters on the roster, the more of an appreciation I get for the individual fighter traits, movements and strikes. It makes it feel more realistic to see Steven Thompson blitz or Diaz throw the 1-2.

- Sliders - This is something I never really thought of and never something I used in other EA releases but the ability to tweak elements involved in the fight has led me to have some incredibly realistic fights against the AI (minus the leg kicks)*

- Stand and bang / Submission showdown - These game modes aren't really something I use by myself but rather what I play when I have friends over. In UFC 2 when I had casual friends over, they didn't want to take the time to learn the ground game. So when we played it was either agreed to have no takedowns or I would own them on the ground. These modes have made that easier.

Simple submissions - kind of similar to the above, I have found simple submissions way more entertaining than the submission mini game and is my go to when I have friends over that know the ground game.*

Sorry for the long post
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