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What could have been, or the great dissapointment that is online association 
Posted on October 12, 2011 at 11:28 PM.
NBA 2k11, was my sports game of the year last year. I am not the NBA fan, but the game got me following the league more than I normally would. My favorite part about last years game was the superb online league system. Online stability is a major issue with any game, but seems to be a major issue with NBA 2k games, so to have the ability to reset games, or give a guy a win if it happened late in a blowout was huge. Yeah thats missing from online association.

The 2nd thing that is odd in its design is forcing this 1 month block on us, for 1, it makes games early in the block almost impossible to play unless you get in the menus right after the season starts, oh by the way they also make you wait 12 hours after you create an association to play games, so when create one, you are probably asleep or in work when it starts, and then if its set to fast, every 4 hours its gonna sim a day, and most likely a game. once a game is simmed, lost forever cannot reset it nothing you can do. Then once you do catch up, you have to wait for the timer to advance the game by a day inorder to play games, if you didnt make it a full 82 game season, you may have to wait for it to sim SEVERAL days before you can play another game. Why oh why would they do this to us.

The biggest kicker of all though is that in the developer insight on online association, we were told we would be able to customize our associations the way we like. This is an utter LIE. Slider sets and other options are completely missing. NBA 2k12 on default is pretty much unplayable, contested shots drop at way too high of a rate, and there is no option to play on simulation or a customized slider set.

All in all I want to love this mode, especially since they added it, they took the wonderfully customizable online leagues from us, But the lack of customization with options, and complete lack of admin controls, especially with 2k's shoddy servers has left a bad taste in my mouth. Yes I will still play it, but I hope developers from 2k read this and realize the errors in their design.
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