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Broadcast views NEED to change. 
Posted on August 14, 2014 at 09:00 PM.
Two years ago I wrote a blog on here explaining my feelings on the broadcast views used by the major networks for sports. Two years later I am even more adament about it. Screw the old dinosaurs who fear change. Fans who have grown up playing Madden and other football games wany to see the hole develop. They want to seethe receivers come open. They want to see why plays happened, not just the end result. When Nick Foles hits Jeremy Maclin with a strike on the post route. I want to see why he came open. Not just him appearing in the screen at the end of the play making a catch. I want to be screaming at my TV to throw it because I just saw him come open. I truely deeply feel this could only help the game, and give the fans an even greater connect to the game. Something just seems wrong that in this day and age that the only reciever we see open are the running back and TE on short checkdowns and wr's on bubble screens. I want to see the whole offensive play I know I am not the only one.
# 1 ManiacMatt1782 @ Aug 15
Thanks. But my reasoning isn't because I am tired of a view. My reasoning is because the viewer can see more in real time from this view. It just shows much more of the game.
# 2 tril @ Aug 15
I personally think the broadcasts do an excellent job of following the action. Broadcast views do illustrate how holes open up, how screens develop etc. the only plays where there is an issue is maybe with the deep pass. and even then there is enough time for the cameras to follow the action.
Maybe the NFL can offer more camera views for replays on deep passes. they could incorporate the traditional Madden view for some replays.or have helmet cams and make than an interactive feature in an online, on demand, live streaming type of feature.
I believe that the NFL network did experiment with this a few years ago.
# 3 cusefan74 @ Aug 16
Even if you had a different view most people wouldn't watch the receivers anyways. The action is where the ball is. That is what people want to see. I understand if you moved the camera to like an endzone view or something you could see it all, but people for the most part would still just watch the ball.
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