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# 18
Bellseyboo @ Jun 24, 2022
I didn't mean to send that without context but that is an issue I've been experiencing in case you think you can find a work around with your FIFA 22 sliders.
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# 16
OSUPoisonNuts @ Feb 18, 2021
Hi Matt! We really appreciate all your attention to detail with your sliders. We run a YouTube Channel where we do full Madden sims (using your sliders, settings) with live original commentary. We are Browns fans and do mostly Browns games, but have now expanded to other teams. This season (Franchise Mode, Madden 21, PS4) we are running into an animation glitch we have come to call a 'shuffle sack'. The QB drops back and shuffles, shuffles, shuffles, and then a big loss for a sack. Wholly unrealistic! We have tried lots of different things and wonder if you have experienced the same. We do Super Sim slow, technically have control of one team, but only to start the game, and select Super Sim. I can attach some video examples if OS lets me. THANKS IN ADVANCE! -Phil and Kit Nagy (Nagy on Sports)

Example 8:30 mark of this game...
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# 15
tennessee dog @ Aug 24, 2019
About fumbles i did read in deves tweets only clint said only slider he knew was backwards was the fumble slider lower higher fumbles higher lower fumbles just letting you know don't know if it is or not lol
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# 14
5280Italian @ Apr 11, 2019
Hi Matt. I just picked up Pes 2019 on PC and started watching your PES videos. What option files are you using?
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# 13
wlf16lap @ Feb 17, 2019
hey how are you doing i was trying to find you on the xbox to get ur file
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# 12
tennessee dog @ Aug 26, 2016
i was wondering what your changes were to ncaa14 you made thanks
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# 11
connorthickey @ Dec 7, 2015
hey man im doing a pac 12 big 10 dynasty must have group me want in? for ps3
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# 10
WoldeRodekamp @ Oct 30, 2015
Hey Matt. Maybe the link is a further information. Greetings from germany.
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# 9
dmendenhall_9 @ Aug 13, 2015
Hey Matt check out my response on the PES 2016 demo thread. I love your feedback and it is much more constructive then a lot of the others out there. Put a video up for you to check out too.
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# 8
CoachModer @ Feb 28, 2015
Matt, your NCAA 2014 sliders are they for coach mode or controlling or do they work well for both. I am a coach mode player so I just play as the head coach and don't control the players. Looking for a good set as a start a new dynasty.
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# 7
Matt10 @ Jan 1, 2015
Hey everyone - sorry for not replying to visitor messages, I honestly had no idea about them!
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# 6
NightmareBooster @ Nov 10, 2014
Hey man!

First, I've been following the sliders thread and wanted to say thanks for all the hard work you and Orion put in to get to this point. FIFA really would be unplayable were it not for your slider tweaks.

I know that you play on PC and was wondering if you were using any mods in particular for this year's game. Since the PC version has the new engine now I'm going back to PC, but having not played on PC since '13 I'm feeling out of touch. Should I go with Revolution, Moddingway, or just fumble around making db edits myself (which I've never done)? I'm not asking for answers to these questions, just looking for opinions from people who are more familiar with modding this year's edition. Any help you can give would be greatly appreciated. Cheers!
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# 5
SkumBag8494 @ Nov 4, 2014
Hey matt can you do me a favor and send me what we were playi by on twitch last night. I really enjoyed it but never wrote it down. Thanks man I really appreciate you guys saving fifa for me
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# 4
dmendenhall_9 @ Oct 11, 2014
Hey, are you going to be playing PES 2015 this year? You do great work and would love to see you post on this game! thanks
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# 3
Maverick04 @ May 17, 2014
Hey are you using the editor for NCAA? LSU has some awesome rosters but the lack of the editor has really kind of pushed me away from NCAA at the moment bc Ive been so busy I haven't been able to do my own rosters like usual, and my friend with the editor has been swamped as well. Im usually OCD when it comes to rosters lol. If you have it or know anyone that would help me with using the editor, just for duplicate numbers, top 25 etc, I will be happy to give 3 months, Microsoft point etc.
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# 2
Amped @ Sep 2, 2011
Hey man I'm doing the Interactive Simulation Franchise and I know you do photoshop stuff for your rtg guy Matt LeCamp and I'm only asking if you know how to convert a pdf to a jpeg because I made a pretty decent looking sportscenter recap slideshow but it's saved as a pdf and I need it as a jpeg so I can post it on the forum for everyone to see.
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# 1
Trakan31 @ Jul 29, 2011
Hey thanks for checking in on the Blue Devils!
I have my opener ups next, against Alcoa Tornadoes!
On my bye weeks i'll be doing other Sunbelt games.
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