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Madden NFL 10 against the odds. 
Posted on June 10, 2009 at 11:08 PM.
There are many people who hate the fact that EA Sports is the only company with the NFL license. Some people thought that the Madden developers would never actually try to improve Madden NFL beyond a roster update because of the lack of competition. After hearing news from the Community Day attendees and the people who attended E3 2009, (all of whom were former critics of the game) everyone could clearly tell that they were ecstatic about the awesome job that the Madden team accomplished this year. The only questions left were: Can I believe them? Should I fall for the hype? I for one truly believe that this is the year that Madden NFL returns to its glory days. Hopefully ESPN NFL 2k football fans and also new Madden fans alike will really enjoy Madden NFL 10 this year until August of 2010. It's time for ESPN NFL 2k fans to stop updating their rosters and at least give Madden NFL 10 a chance this year. Hopefully this game is as great as I think it will be. We'll all see on August 14, 2009!
# 1 trufootball @ Jun 10
It will be about time EA steps up and makes the game that the people want. I'm still playing my PS2 version to this day.
# 2 MattIntellect @ Jun 10
Lets hope so.
# 3 PantherBeast_OS @ Jun 10
Bro matt I am with you bro. I believe madden is going to replace n2k in alot of people mind. But some well still live n2k instead of accepting madden 10. Me aswell am going to believe this is the year for madden.
# 4 MattIntellect @ Jun 11
To me-Madden 2005 was the greatest Madden of all time. If Madden 10 can top that game, then I'll be very happy. Of course many people want it to be better than ESPN NFL 2k5, which I think it will be.
# 5 MattIntellect @ Jun 11
I think that Madden 10's pre-game is better than 2k5's.
# 6 MattIntellect @ Jun 12
There was only a very short clip of Boomer for ESPN NFL 2k5's pre-game.
# 7 cepwin @ Jun 14
I too like what the EA team is doing with Madden. It would be more desireable if there was competition (as competition pushes improvement) but the "x" factor I think some people are forgetting about is that it appears that the Madden team *wants* to make the best game possible and take pride in it. In essence, these folks are compeating against themselves. Finally, it doesn't take a licensed game to push improvement. Remember, Backbreaker is using an entirely new physics technology that EA I'm sure is watching and looking at.
# 8 MattIntellect @ Jun 14
cepwin, you're actually right. The Madden team is not necessarily looking for competition to improve their games, but they are improving it because of their pride, and also to win the community back.
# 9 CreatineKasey @ Jun 14
For me it's ALL about PRO-TAK and game speed at this point. I said it 5 years ago, I'll say it again: Player interactions are of the highest priority in a football game. Nail those, the rest is gravy.
# 10 MattIntellect @ Jun 14
Well, I hope that Pro-Tak will live up to the standards that many of us have for it. To me, the thought that it does things that no other game was capable of doing, makes it a fresh approach at realism.
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