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NBA 2K11 in 3D Stuck
Posted on November 5, 2010 at 03:45 PM.

Michael Jordan with his signature no-look over the head layup against the Knicks, in several 3D angles. The 3D was achieved in replay mode by recording one view, then shifting to a slightly different view to replicate the left and right eye. Not through the official 3D capability coming to the PS3 version this month, so dynamic physics like jersey movement don't match up perfectly here.

The above embed is in Cross-Eyed 3D format. All you have to do for that is cross your eyes until both images merge in the middle and your vision locks onto it.

If you're having trouble, pause the video once the first image appears (keep your mouse over the pause button so you can resume once you've locked onto the 3D). Now take your index finger and place the tip against your monitor - right under the image, between the two pics. Slowly move your finger towards your face, focusing on it but also paying attention as the 2 images merge closer and closer as you bring your finger to your face. Once the images merge into one you should be able to look up and be fixed on the 3D. You should now see 3 screens, the one in the middle is the 3D and there's also one on each side, don't pay attention to those. Also know that the farther away you are from your monitor, the less you have to cross your eyes, which should make it easier.

Try watching it a couple times and focusing on different things.
# 1 Steve_OS @ Nov 5
I don't know how you do it man, but WOW.
# 2 Millennium @ Nov 5
You know, my mom always said that my eyes would stay that way.
# 3 GrandMaster B @ Nov 5
No way in hell I am going to cross my eyes.
# 4 hokupguy @ Nov 5
just great work man , great!
# 5 laforr77 @ Nov 6
I FINALLY GOT THE CROSS-EYED METHOD TO WORK FOR ME!!! And it was awesome lol. Keep up the great work!
# 6 Beastly Wayz @ Nov 7
Awesome job man, love the sound too, perfect for a Masterpiece
# 7 Conda @ Nov 7
My eyes are hurting now.
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