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Posted on September 20, 2017 at 06:42 PM.
Jayson Tatum

I'm really OC when editing my favorite players.
After a few days of trial and error and watching tons of his shooting videos, I think Release 141 is a spot on UPPER RELEASE 2 for him BUT, release 141 has his off hand (left hand) above the ball. It should be very far backwards from the ball so I had to blend it with Release 138 as his UPPER RELEASE 1.

If it's release 13, his shooting elbow (right elbow) is too far wide.
If it's release 33, 79, 88... his off hand (left hand) is above the ball. It should be behind the ball.

--> Release 138 has his shooting elbow inside and he shoots it close to above his head or the upper end part of his forehead. His off hand (left hand) is also behind the ball (as per the shooting breakdown video)

--> Release 141 is spot on because he extends his shooting arm and his off hand (left hand) just supports his release

Shooting Breakdown Jayson Tatum (just for his form and release)
Duke Highlights
Summer League Highlights

Base: Kevin Durant
Upper Release 1: Release 138
Blend: 45
Upper Release 2: Release 141
Timing: Quick

Pull Up: Durant (credits to tolive)
Duke's Jayson Tatum: Career-High 28 Points In Win Over UVA
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Spin Jumper: Normal 9 (one of the two animations is exactly how he shot it against Portland in the summer league highlights)
Jayson Tatum 2017 Summer League Offense Highlights - Boston Celtics Debut!
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Post Fade: Fade 8 (leg kicking out with small separation) OR Fade 10 (leg kicking out with wider separation)
Post Shimmy Fade 10 (right leg is sticking and kicking out)


Brandon Ingram

Again I'm very OC with my favorite players. After searching for Brandon Ingram shooting videos and also reading LakerNation articles, he apparently tweaked his shot this summer and made "adjustments"... The videos in youtube have a lot of him shooting but it was from last season... except one...

- he does not shoot the ball at the right side of his head or near his right ear anymore
- he shoots it above his head now (a slanted form above his head) --- well he's trying to get accustomed to it i think

Ingram: Trying to keep myself from shooting over my head
Lakers News: Brandon Ingram has made ‘adjustments’ to his jump shot this summer
Watch from 0:45 to 1:30 of him practicing his new form
Lakers' Brandon Ingram Has Reportedly Grown to 6'11" and Changed Shooting Stroke

Base: Jump Shot 67
Upper Release 1: Release 127
Blending: 45
Upper Release 2: Release 130
Timing: Quick (up to you guys if normal or quick)
Dribble Pull-Up: Athletic 15

Now let's wait and see how he shoots once the season starts.


Kristaps Porzingis

Again I'm very OC with my favorite players. This is my third post after Tatum and Ingram. After watching KP6 shooting highlights and shooting breakdown video, he hasn't changed his shooting form from last season to this recent EuroBasket 2017 where he's dominating

Notes: "Analysing the BASE"

- he bends his knees inward
- he dips the ball in the thigh level
- he shoots it above his forehead head (a slanted form above his forehead)
- If (base) Jump Shot 47, he doesn't bend his knees inward (as per the videos)
- If (base) Brook Lopez/Beasley/Set Shot 1, he arches his upper body (back) too much
- If (base) Glen Robinson III, it's just too stiff after testing it several times in-game

Key points: Set Shot vs. In-motion or medium contested shot
- Set Shot 35 is for his Set Shot when he's wide open or coming from a pick and pop and the defender is too far away.
- Amateur 6 is for his medium contested shot (credit to Woody who found this a month after 2k17 released last year) ---- he doesn't bend his knees inward here BUT the take off and landing is just $$$

* Karl Malone compliments the Gallinari form because it places the shooting form an angle above his forehead and the off-hand placing is spot on.
* Gallinari (IMO is $$$) because the off hand just supports the ball even when he's releasing. If you look at it closely, the off hand just follows the motion after shooting but the right arm/hand is the one that releases the ball

Dirk and Kristaps Strengthen Their Friendship
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Euro Basket 2017
Kristaps Porzingis 28 points, 8 rebs, 2 blocks vs Great Britain Full Highlights | EuroBasket 2017

NBA 2K18 Edit Sig
Kristaps Porzingis Sig Shot

Kristaps Porzingis shooting breakdown
Shooting 3 pointers in the game
EuroBasket Highlights

Base: Set Shot 35 or Amateur 6 or Jumpshot 106
Upper Release 1: Karl Malone
Blending: 60
Upper Release 2: Danilo Gallinari [credit to Woody and Triiiad (youtube user)]
Timing: Quick


Kyle Kuzma

Eye test:
- he has the green light to shoot when he's at the 3 (trigger happy shooter)
- when he curls off screens or comes from a pick and pop, he sets his toes and the heel of his feet doesn't touch the floor
- he shoots his stroke from the face and not the forehead
- the off-hand (left hand) is perpendicular to the his shooting hand
- the shooting stroke is very fluid, in one motion (kind of how bradley beal shoots)

Kyle Kuzma Summer League Highlights
shooting workout (start from 1:55 onwards)

Notes: Check the GIF below
- Release 140 is all this BUT the right arm is too snappy and not fluid (IMO)
- i had to blend it with Release 143 which makes it one fluid motion
- (base) Jumpshot 33 is when he's staring to get his groove or when he's already in his rhythm
- (base) Jumpshot 80 is how he shot it in the pre-draft workout video (how he shoots in practice)

***If the base is either Jumpshot 17, 31, or 55....he should not cover that much distance from take off to landing

Kyle Kuzma NBA Pre-Draft Workout and Interview
make action GIFs like this at MakeaGif

Base: Jumpshot 33 ($$$) or Jumpshot 80
Release 1: Release 143
Blending: 65
Release 2: Release 140
Timing: Quick


Dwyane Wade

Eye test:
--> in set shots and catch & shoot situations, he starts bending way down and dips the ball in the kneecap level, also places the ball at the forehead level before shooting his stroke (enter Upper Release 1: Dwayne Wade)... couldn't choose JS 51 cos that's just $$$ for CP3 (in my opinion)

--> with highly contest shots, he lands with his left foot while the right leg is sticking out in the air (enter Base Jumpshot 67 ---- although the right leg doesn't stick out that much in the game)

Shooting Mechanics: Dwyane Wade shooting form breakdown video
- dips basketball kneecap level
- the offhand (left hand) points to the basket once the ball is being shot by the right arm
- the shooting hand, once the ball is released, follows thru to the right (hand shifts to the right)

Why Release 120 works
- shooting hand flicks to the right
- the offhand closely points to the basket once released BUT needs blending
- and if you haven't noticed, he MOST OF THE TIME if not always, follows through with his shot, wide open or contested
(check this vid ---> D-Wade all 3 pointers)

Dwyane Wade Shooting Form: NBA Shooting Secrets

Dwyane Wade shooting form

Dwyane Wade shooting form (back view)

IMG 4415

Base: Jumpshot 67 for contested.... Wade for set shot or corner 3s
Upper Release 1: Dwyane Wade

Blending: 60 with follow thru or if u want... 50 but NO follow thru (not recommended LOL)
Upper Release 2: Release 120
Hop Jumper: Normal 18

Dwyane Wade - Midrange Mastery

IMG 4416


Seth Curry

Seth Curry shooting form
Seth Curry 3pointers Dallas season

Seth Curry's Best 3-Pointers of the Season

Seth Curry shooting form

Base: Jump Shot 5
Release 1: John Wall
Blending: 65
Release 2: Release 129
Timing: Quick
Pull-Up: Athletic 14 (see GIF below)
---dangles his right leg to the left and lands on his left leg
Seth Curry's Best 3-Pointers of the Season

Seth Curry pull up
# 1 drabberplane @ Sep 23
Man, that some next level attention to detail! Could you also do breakdown of one of my favorite player D-Wade?
# 2 WTF @ Sep 28
Excellent work on these. Could you try a full Andrew Wiggins sig edit?
# 3 Mishmushkela @ Oct 11 (6 Days Ago)
Hey, could you do Dirk Nowitzki ?
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