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Rumplestiltz is offline
# 126
Rumplestiltz @ May 9, 2020
Hey I’m the developer of Art of Boxing, May I get posting and PM ability?
MSUdawg05 is offline
# 125
MSUdawg05 @ Mar 3, 2018
Hey Millennium, do you know why I can’t PM? Trying to help out with rosters for NCAA14 this year, but I can’t PM BossHawgMichigan and he can’t PM me. Thanks for the assist!
khaliib is offline
# 124
khaliib @ Jun 4, 2017
Got my tickets for EA Play this weekend in LA.
1) Will a thread be started for those that are going to do a Q/A with the community?
2) Are any of you guys going?
Fostercare58 is offline
# 123
Fostercare58 @ Mar 24, 2017
hey i was wondering if you could make a roster for NCAA Basketball 10 for the 2016-2017 season on the xbox 360 because everyone cant find a file for it and you've made those rosters in the past... if you cannot make one but found one plz send me the link ))) PLZ PLZ PLZ
NadNomis6 is offline
# 122
NadNomis6 @ Jan 18, 2017
Why can't I post recruiting for a Online MyLeague?? We run it strictly on NBA2k
smuhead is offline
# 121
smuhead @ Dec 21, 2016
Are you a Mod?
Dobbnail Boot is offline
# 120
Dobbnail Boot @ Dec 16, 2016
I just joined a few days ago because I wanted to start a thread chronicling my NCAA dynasty but I am unable to. If it's not too much trouble, could you let me know what I need to do to post? Thanks.
dante.holder is offline
# 119
dante.holder @ Nov 26, 2016
I have no idea why I cannot post a new thread if you know why could you tell me?
Florida3fan is offline
# 118
Florida3fan @ Oct 31, 2016
Hey, I recently made the donation and are looking to move my league here. Please let me know the next step. Thanks
Culture Rot is offline
# 117
Culture Rot @ Oct 5, 2016
Hello can you please change my username to TheAuthority? Thank you!
Woogie417 is offline
# 116
Woogie417 @ Sep 2, 2016
****playstation 4
Woogie417 is offline
# 115
Woogie417 @ Sep 2, 2016
looking to get my madden 17 sub forum
league name: The Legion of Pigskin
TOmuch81 is offline
# 114
TOmuch81 @ Aug 16, 2016
I have the game, as well. I'm good at attching pix to this site. But if you check, post #222 on page 28 of the Where? when? Thread you will see my name and the pic I posted yesterday.
TOmuch81 is offline
# 113
TOmuch81 @ Aug 16, 2016
I have it too. Posy #222 on page 28 of the Where? When? Thread.
DrawkD2 is offline
# 112
DrawkD2 @ May 14, 2016
Still looking for some UFC help?
SportsGameGod is offline
# 111
SportsGameGod @ Apr 26, 2016
Not sure how i can post a new thread and not sure where to look for an answer. Can you help me out?
SmilesLikeJoker is offline
# 110
SmilesLikeJoker @ Apr 8, 2016
As a forum admin, do you think you might be able to help me? I've been waiting for my forum account to be activated for a year. I would have PM'ed you, but I don't have rights.
crice256 is offline
# 109
crice256 @ Oct 19, 2015
I am willing to give a donation to have our league hosted on this site.
ajc023 is offline
# 108
ajc023 @ Oct 1, 2015
Thanks for closing my threads didn't want any confusion.
Miami Flash15 is offline
# 107
Miami Flash15 @ Sep 27, 2015
I can't PM you but I'm trying to get a 2k league sub-forum on here. Says I don't have privileges? Can you help me with that, please.
ajc023 is offline
# 106
ajc023 @ Sep 26, 2015
check your pm Millennium
Allball76 is offline
# 105
Allball76 @ Aug 1, 2015
Is it possible to get another forum for NCAA 14 ?

If so AASL ( All American sim league ) X-Box
DrGravyBoat is offline
# 104
DrGravyBoat @ Jul 21, 2015

I was wondering if storyline dynasties would ever make a return to the hockey forums. I'd just like to know for if I'd start a Be A Pro here or on another for the future.

Poke is offline
# 103
Poke @ May 11, 2015
May I ask why my thread was deleted?
eli24 is offline
# 102
eli24 @ Apr 13, 2015
ozzie because Martinez is not in the double AA Bowie Baysox of orioles baltimore.
pirates1fan is offline
# 101
pirates1fan @ Apr 10, 2015
Hey Millennium,

Just wanted to apologize for my recent post on the O.S.F.M. update thread. I never even thought of it as trolling, but I received the warning. Never meant to upset anyone, just trying to lighten the mood. Won't happen again. Thanks.
pro_cow_tipper is offline
# 100
pro_cow_tipper @ Apr 10, 2015
Hey Mr. Millenium,

Over on the 2k15 MyTeam forum we've fired up a tournament with a bracket and everything, and I was hoping you could sticky it for us. There's three threads about it in total, but we only need the bracket one now. I have put a link to it below. Thanks man.
Mikeiavelli is offline
# 99
Mikeiavelli @ Apr 1, 2015
Originally Posted by Millennium
The threshold is actually 10 posts. Get to that, and you should have full access.
Thanks so much
Mikeiavelli is offline
# 98
Mikeiavelli @ Apr 1, 2015
Hey Millennium,

Longtime observer and admirer of OS. I made an account a year ago after years of just lurking, but haven't been able to post or send PM's. I was wondering what the issue was? I have posted 8 times in threads, is there a threshold I need to reach before creating a thread? Any help would be appreciated, thanks.
Flyers4208 is offline
# 97
Flyers4208 @ Mar 25, 2015

Please refer to my album screenshots for proof that I have Mlb 15 The show in hand, would love to say some kind words about the product in the impressions thread. Thanks in advance.
footballismyhobby is offline
# 96
footballismyhobby @ Mar 16, 2015

I'm new to OS, so I may not be the 'best' person to convince you, but here is my argument for opening up the JM16 thread again.

Please carefully consider my comment.

First of all, not everyone on that thread was disrespectful, and the community deserves a place to discuss and debate; in a respectful manner of course.

A large part of the community trusts OS for positive feedback and information.

What if someone discovers import info and can't share it with others who want to be in the know?

I hope my statement influences you. Take as much time as you would like to consider my argument.
ac2539 is offline
# 95
ac2539 @ Feb 25, 2015

I'm pretty new to the forum. Trying to figure out if you guys have a policy about posting links to my own youtube videos. Couldn't find any info on that.

I don't intend it to be spammy, but for instance, I couldn't find any videos or info on Bob McAdoo in NBA 2K15 MyTEAM (on YT or on this forum), so I made a video on it ( Thought it could be helpful for others. Don't know if it would fly to just create a thread linking to the video for anyone that might be interested in that.

bababooey76 is offline
# 94
bababooey76 @ Jan 26, 2015
Would you please change the title of my dynasty thread, Thank you

It should read; WWE2k15: The WWA, Wrestling's Past, Present and Future Collide
rkwittem is offline
# 93
rkwittem @ Sep 28, 2014
I have been waiting almost 3 weeks to get a XB1 Madden GMC subforum set up. I would join one but most are already filled or inactive or off-site related. Thanks!
Curtendz is offline
# 92
Curtendz @ Aug 22, 2014
Hey Millennium, I've had my account for awhile but never really used it. I can't make a new post or send a pm is there a reason why? Sorry to bother you I just couldn't find an official help thread. Thanks in advance.
Redhawk05 is offline
# 91
Redhawk05 @ Aug 20, 2014

Whoops, delete this one, Thanks.

- Redhawk
Redhawk05 is offline
# 90
Redhawk05 @ Aug 20, 2014
Please delete this thread, I love this site, and don't want to be banned. I can;t figure out how to delete it, thanks.

- Redhawk
Novialee is offline
# 89
Novialee @ Aug 13, 2014
Hi Millennium, advertise offer, could you tell me the terms of operationsports advertise, thanks
ZephyrZ23 is offline
# 88
ZephyrZ23 @ May 17, 2014
Hey, can you help me I can't make threads but I've activated my account and everything.
Arizito Sports is offline
# 87
Arizito Sports @ May 2, 2014
Thanks for the heads up !!! I'll stream tonight again
bayman is offline
# 86
bayman @ Apr 29, 2014
I have the show for ps4 but don't know jack about hosting, can I email you the picture?
TarHeelbred33 is offline
# 85
TarHeelbred33 @ Mar 12, 2014
I have 6 guys and potentially a full league if I can get a forum up so I don't look like an idiot.

What is the point of contributing to OS if I cant get the privileges that come with it?
I love this site and I am willing to contribute more but this is ridiculous. I have been asking to get a sub forum up almost 2 weeks now and you said it would have been up last weekend.
AdamJones113 is offline
# 84
AdamJones113 @ Feb 23, 2014
Hi Millenium. I wanted to check with you about something for the Dynasty HQ Hockey Dynasties page. I read the thread about no more story dynasties, but with NHL 14's Live The Life Mode, there are new "Storyline" options.
Let's say I want to do a Live the Life in that forum. Would it be alright to expand on one of those "Storyline" things?
For example, the game brings up: "You see your teammates standing at your line mate's door. They tell you they're about to play a prank on him. What do you do?"
Would one be able to expand that post into a narrative focused on that, or would that infringe on the "No Story Dynasties" rule? Assuming narratives were only posted about the "Storyline" messages in NHL 14.
NYNiles25 is offline
# 83
NYNiles25 @ Feb 17, 2014
For most things i do it says i do not have permission. How do i fix this? Please help.
H4LFB34RP1G is offline
# 82
H4LFB34RP1G @ Feb 5, 2014
I am new to OS and am looking to get a Sub-Forum created for my subforum. I will donate the $20 for access, but first I just have a few questions.

1 - You mentioned that subforums will be deleted if they are inactive for a month, does that mean if noone replies to any threads the forum is deleted? Am I allowed to reply to threads to keep the forum from being deleted?

2 - Do I have to be a member for a certain amount of time, or make a certain number of posts or is the donation all that is necessary?

3 - What if I have my league posted on other sites to gather members, but it's not a site like OS? For example, I have a thread on EA Forums with my league rules, and also I have my league posted on a hiphop forum I frequently visit. Would I need to delete those threads and not post my league anywhere else but here?

Sorry to post such a long message but I'm not allowed to PM you.

RustyRocket56 is offline
# 81
RustyRocket56 @ Jan 28, 2014
Hey boss, I sent my donation to OS via Paypal 4 days ago. I also need to change my username here. Just wondering how long it might take. thanks
The JareBear is offline
# 80
The JareBear @ Jul 25, 2013
When I first donated to be a supporter I didn't use my name-change, does that kind of thing expire, like a "voucher," or can I still request a name change? Thank you for your time....
amoore0192 is offline
# 79
amoore0192 @ Jul 7, 2013
So I just tried to start an od for sim guys, since this is the best site for sim gamers, and I was turned down bc I don't have a blue name...I'm sorry man I've been a member here for awhile and I'm looking at an entire screen of ads. $20 for an od request thread is a bit obnoxious. I like how you played it off as an attempt to keep down spamming. I bet nooooobody caught onto that one huh?
JaymeeAwesome is offline
# 78
JaymeeAwesome @ Jun 24, 2013
Also, can we make a push to see if any Web-designer can re-do the Dynasty tables pro-bono? We need an update before Madden 25
JaymeeAwesome is offline
# 77
JaymeeAwesome @ Jun 24, 2013
In the Football Dynasty forum, can we make two sub forums? One for NCAA and one for NFL? As a non-fan of collegiate sports, I would like to weed out the NCAA dynasties so I can view and comment on only the NFL ones. I would think others would feel the same.
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