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Mofficial's Scouting Report
Written 11:18PM - August 12, 2009
Written 11:33PM - August 6, 2009

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# 8
SouthernBrick @ Aug 14, 2009
Originally Posted by Mofficial
True ish. I busted my *** for my $600 ps3 though. I agree that the 360 has won the majority of battles and that the ps3 will win the war. It just has so much more potential. Sony just has to deliver. Kinda like madden and EA lol.
Yeah it does have alot of potential in the long run to out beat the 360 just by it being a better machine. I haven't played killzone 2 but, I've heard about it and seen the graphics. I don't think there is one game on the 360 that can match that in terms of what that game looks like. I know I will eventually get a ps3(prices have dropped) or future playstation if the price isn't crazy stupid.

I can't wait to get this game and the chargers pre-season game has got me even more pumped. I wonder if LT will play any, me personally i think he might play one series and then be done for the rest of the pre-season. You gettin the game at midnight or later in the evening?
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# 7
SouthernBrick @ Aug 13, 2009
Originally Posted by Mofficial
Yup yup, I got the entire Chargers' schedule in my iCal on my macbook. I'm not gonna miss out on this year.

And nope, no 360. I invest my money well. ;]
Thats cool. Yeah I get that, I would have waited and bought a PS3 but when they first came out the price was ****in rediculess. I was a playstaytion fanatic and didn't want to change systems but, they forced me into a corner with that crazy price and I wasn't about to go without a new system for that long. Yes the PS3 in a better machine than the xbox 360 but, they set got set back some years with that price. The 360 has won the battle but I believe in the end the ps3 will win the war if they can ever get some more games which they will get eventually.
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# 6
SouthernBrick @ Aug 13, 2009
Damn so you aint got no 360? Yeah 2 more days and hopefully i'll be gettin it that day but im not sure if i'll be able to get it or not. I'll be gettin it pretty son though. I can't wait plus more football pre-season games tomm.

Plus all the pre-season games that are goin down in between thursday and the end of the weekend sound pretty good. I know pre-season games isn't all that n a bag of chips but its something. Can't wait for the Chargers vs Seahawks pre-season game saturday night.
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# 5
SouthernBrick @ Aug 10, 2009
Yeah it does start to rumble when defenders start closing in on the QB. I haven't used the evade yet, how do the animations look are they decent? Was you in the redzone with Kurt because, I know you couldn't have been to far away from the inzone without being caught from behind. It wasn't a LT type stiff arm was it because most QB's aren't strong or physical enough to do that?

4 more days and then it will be official and madden will be released. I can't wait or the reviews and vids. Theres going to be alot of vids coming out once the game drops. I'm not sure if i'll be getting the game this week but, you can hit me up on xbox live for a game if you want.

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# 4
SouthernBrick @ Aug 9, 2009
Originally Posted by Mofficial
Haha! man I always use the hitstick too early when going after the QB. They say you can finally do it though in m10. Ima make sure I master it with merriman. I'm soooo effin stoked for this football season.
I do it sometimes on the run i'll get a little excited when the qb takes off and i'll use it to early. I love how there are late hits in the game now. I haven't tried the qb evade thing feature yet, but i just hope its not to consistantly effective.

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