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Dives and Reaches: More animations for Madden 11 
Posted on August 12, 2009 at 11:18 PM.
This is a post that I created a while ago for madden 10, but it didn't do well in the forums. So I'm simply reposting it here. Enjoy.

Here is a video of highlights for Brian Westbrook. I specifically chose him because among other things like stutter steps and double moves, he tends to dive and reach a lot.


If you look from 2:28 - 2:26, you will see two different reach attempts. We really need this in madden. I hate to get a player down to like the 2 or 3 yard line, get tackled and go up one or two yards just before the goal line and can press [square] (ps3) to just reach in for the endzone. Players should always be able to dive for extra yards if they're in a bind.


In this second at 0:53, you can see why the stutter/hesitant step is so important, and why momentum is even more important. He makes a stutter for a split second to get the defenders to stop, and uses his acceleration to take advantage of them trying to regain momentum and get the touchdown.

And here is Vick. If you look at 1:05, you can also seem him dive (rhymes =). As well as 3:19....sort of.


Also, (question for Ian if he sees this) will progressive awareness influence plays like on the one starting around 3:37?


Another with Vick, being able to dive like he does at 0:40 would be helpful too. Instead of just getting knocked back cuz there are 2 defenders, we should be able to go low and squeeze through.
AND HERE'S THE BIG ONE! at 1:18. he dove from like 10 feet away!

I think these types of dives and their efficacy should be based on the "ballcarrier vision" rating. The higher it is, the more "super" (i guess you could call it) the dive. Vick's ballcarrier vision is off the charts so.... And westbrook's is great too, and they both make superb efforts to "fight for that extra yard" (sound familiar?).
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