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Fight Night Round 4 Physics 
Posted on April 3, 2009 at 10:41 AM.

This has been something the EA team and community have been touting for quite some time. However, until you actually see it in motion, it's hard to grasp how incredible the physics are, or how they can affect a fight.

I can't get into specifics because of the NDA we Community Leaders had to sign, but I'll try my best to describe how life-like the physics make this game work.

One really cool thing about the EA office (in reality there's about 100 cool things about that office. It's seriously something you would think dropped out of a Star Trek episode) is how in every department there are a number of custom posters or photo's sprayed all over the cubicle walls, hanging from ceilings or even painted on elevator doors.

So, for instance with the FN team, you'll see a hanging poster with a Mike Tyson quote. Or, you'll see a poster on the side of an office wall showing a ring entrance through a sequence of screenshots.

In one, there is a series of screenshots focused on a knockdown.
The two fighters were in close proximity. Fighter A tagged Fighter B with a hard punch while Fighter B was throwing a right-hand that missed.
Fighter B lost his legs and began to fall. As he fell, his right-arm went limp and fell with him. But the right arm did not simply morph through his opponents head. It fell against the back of Fighter A's head causing his whole body to roll off his opponent before crumbling into a heap on the canvas.
I wish my literary skills were better because I cannot describe it well enough.
But the entire sequence looked so lifelike.
Half of the downed opponents body collasped onto his opponent due to the momentum of his missed punch, and the devestating shot he received.
I've watched quite a few boxing KO's and knockdowns in my day, and this particular knockdown looked exactly like some that I had seen in my day.

I'm hoping more of the NDA is lifted so we can give more details. Especially about the Legacy Mode. For those that play a majority of their games offline, like I do, you're in for a treat.
# 1 KofiJamal @ Apr 3
I've been playing A LOT of Fight Night Round 3 lately. Round 4 is pretty much THE game I'm looking forward too as of now and maybe the only game I get in the next few months. The info given has been good enough, I can't even imagine whatelse is there to be told. But the physics example was great.
# 2 Money99 @ Apr 3
Thanks KofiJamal.
The KO's and knockdowns I saw in person were awesome too. Very lifelike and realistic.
In the bout two of the EA team members had with Ali fighting Tyson, when Tyson was floored it looked exactly like the knockdown he suffered against Lennox Lewis.
As excited as I am to get my hands on the full version, I'm just as excited for other fans to try it out as well. It's going to be a great game.
# 3 statum71 @ Apr 3
Thanks Money. Good blogs as always on Fight Night. This is torture. The release is too far off.

I'm ready to hold some fights. I have Round 3, but after reading about this lately its hard for me to even play it.
# 4 Money99 @ Apr 3
I know the feeling statum71. After playing Round 4 I can barely look at Rd 3. The gameplay in 4 is so superior it ruins any enjoyment one might have gotten from it's predecessor.
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