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Fight Night Round 4 Boxer Styles 
Posted on April 19, 2009 at 02:22 PM.
A large variety of boxing games have come and gone over the generations. From the humble beginnings of Activision's "Boxing" for the Atari 2600 to EA's "Fight Night Round 3", the pixilated pugilist has grown in leaps and bounds.
However, with the upgrade in console hardware very few games capturing the sweet science have had success in defining the variety of fighting styles that exist in real life.
That is all about to change.

Just like in real life, there are a wide variety of fighters with their own unique styles. And you know what they say, "Styles make fights".

To mimic this accuracy, the team from EAC worked hard at developing eight different boxing styles as their base to build from.
Once these foundations were set they applied them to each licensed fighter and then modified these styles to fit with each boxer's attributes to mirror how that fighter moves and boxes in real life.

The eight styles are as such:
Conventional Boxer: A boxer that sticks to the fundamentals and tries to set things up with the jab.
Unconventional Boxer: A boxer that eschews the fundamentals for a more dynamic approach.
Slugger: A roughhouse power puncher that likes to throw bombs, thinks the best defense is a good offense.
Brawler: Another power puncher, but one that shows more defensive ability.
Counter Puncher: A slippery, in-the-pocket defensive style fighter.
Boxer Puncher: A boxer that takes a conventional approach to setting up his big punches at medium distance.
Inside Fighter: A close range boxer-puncher that moves his head and tries to control the ring and work the body.
Outside Fighter: A stick and move fighter that focuses on keeping the opponent at the end of their punches.
Along with these styles, the various animations can be broken into 17 different categories for users to combine when creating or modifying their own boxers.

Of course, all these styles won't make a difference if the CPU is unable to adjust to what's going on in the ring. That's a discussion for another day, and one that could take place fairly soon.

Until then, keep your hands up, and tune in daily to for any breaking news on Fight Night Round 4.
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