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Tebow Tuesday: A look at his first appearance with the Jets Stuck
Posted on August 14, 2012 at 11:00 AM.

In his first game with the “Gang-Green,” Tim Tebow’s debut was less than impressive. While rushing for 34 yards, Tebow passed for 27 yards and threw one interception.

“I did some things pretty good,” Tebow told the Associated Press. “Obviously I want that last throw back. I tried to put it low and outside. Just a stupid play by me.”

Tebow wasn’t brought into make stupid plays. He was brought into make plays and help the offense flow. Tebow showed flashes of this when he avoided a sack to convert a 3 & 8 on his first series.

However, the pass game struggled with Tebow under center. He often held onto the ball too long, letting the Bengals defense get pressure. On his last play, Tebow was intercepted by Vontaze Burfict.

During the offseason, Tebow worked with UCLA offensive coordinator Noel Mazzone to improve his mechanics and footwork. He also worked with quarterback guru Tom House in late July.

Despite the work, Tebow’s first game with the Jets showed the same flaws that made John Elway doubt him in Denver. We know Tebow can gain yards with his feet, but can he become a consistent passer?

Tebow has shown flashes of brilliance. In the Broncos-Steelers playoff game, Tebow threw for 316 yards and upset the previous AFC champions. If he wants to become a starting quarterback in the NFL, he’ll have to become good enough to have those types of performances consistently.

If there was silver lining in Tebow’s first preseason game, it was that Jets starter Mark Sanchez also failed to move the offense in the series he got. Both looked mediocre in the passing game, which might say something about the wide receivers and offensive line as well.

Tebow’s first game with the Jets wasn’t a big enough sample size on whether he belongs in New York or not.

One thing is for sure though: whatever Tebow does, we’ll be watching.

What do you think of Tim Tebow? Will he become the Jets starter during the upcoming season? Are you tired of hearing about him? Be sure to leave a comment!

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# 1 NYJin2011tm @ Aug 13
You failed to mention the biggest reason why the O struggled...O Line was horrible! Neither QB had any time to throw.
# 2 Joobieo @ Aug 13
After watching the jets play I don't think Teebow will become the starter off the bat but if Mark messes up enough over the first few games I see the switch happening just like the rest of the world lol .
# 3 Multi @ Aug 14
Is it too late for them to suck for Luck?
# 4 Matthewkyleyoung @ Aug 14
Tebow is not a typical QB.

As soon as people can just get that through their minds, and focus on everything he actually brings to an offense, and to a team, then you can truly judge him.

I'm not a Tebow fan, by any means, but the breakdown of his first preseason game against the backup defense of the Bengals hardly seems the right time to dissect his game. I know this is the hottest topic right now, but seriously, without anything to add on the subject, I fail to see why people beat this story to death.

Wait. Just wait and see.

The public is so up and down on Tebow, or anything NFL for that matter, that it's bordering on ridiculous.

Can we at least hold our judgments of the new offensive scheme of the Jets until after week 1 against the Bills?

I know that's impossible, and it's the world we live in now, but there has to be a point when the 8 pass attempts and 4 runs that Tebow makes against the Bengals in the second week of August isn't dissected.

And I'm not ripping specifically on you MPARA, the post was good, but the content is becoming intolerable.
# 5 Mparas1432 @ Aug 15

Thanks for the reply. As a Broncos fan, I know how the amount of Tebow coverage can get overbearing. However, with Tebow most likely not starting, this will be a chance for us all to see his new abilities.

I'm not proclaiming Tebow is a bust or anything close to that. This blog post was just looking at what he's done right and what he still has to work out after the off season.

There were some things to look at. How is Tebow's release? Does he look accurate? Are defenses figuring him out better (didn't address this, but something to keep in mind?

We might not have all the answers to these question and maybe won't until after this season, but with the first game of the preseason, it's something to look at.
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