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My Madden 10 Review 
Posted on September 25, 2009 at 06:58 PM.
I just finished playing Madden 09 for the first time on live. I must say, it is quite a good game. This year's game shows great advancement in realism and physics, I almost feel like I'm watching the real thing! Some of the things that I have picked up about this game:

- WIldcat offense is great! You cannot stop it at all, and when you do, it will work the next time.

- Screen passes are so hard to get long yardage with. Especially if you are using a big HB such as Michael Turner, and choose the HB screen. It is hard.

- Getting a fourth down conversion is really hard, so you basically have to punt every time. Once you do punt, though, the chances of their kick returner running it back for a TD are very slim. Probably around 60-75%

- This game is not like the previous Maddens where as soon as you snap the ball, you can just drop back infinitely to get away from the D-line. No, it is nothing like that this year.

- Footballs are now able to penetrate through a receiver's body and into the hands of the free safety, making for easy interceptions! I love this new feature!

- The game can now mysteriously give defenders a speed boost when you are on a break for the end-zone! I love following their wide receivers knowing that soon I will be boosted toward them.

And finally

- Breaking tackles is very realistic this year. Just like in the real NFL, all you need to do is wiggle the right analog a few times and you are sure to have six points on the board in no time! This new feature allows me to do other trivial things while still playing this game. You don't even have to watch the screen. It was a really good idea to add this into the game!

Overall, I give this game a 10/10 and 5 stars! Tell me what you think about this game! GO MADDEN YA!
# 1 stlstudios189 @ Sep 25
Sarcasim the lost art
# 2 Mr. Franchise @ Sep 26
That better not be sarcasm...
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