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My Issues with MLB 2K9 
Posted on March 5, 2009 at 07:49 PM.
Here is a list, in no particular order, of problems that I have with Major League Baseball 2K9.

1. Hit parade: Out of the box, MLB 2K9 is a slugfest. Home runs and base hits are embarrassingly plentiful. This also ties into my second point...

2. The need for speed: It would be nice to see outfielders react with some urgency or any sort of hustle to catch simple fly balls. Shallow pop ups consistently fall in for hits, when fielders should easily make plays. The lack of a turbo button means you will constantly be frustrated when bloop singles fall in.

3. Thou shall not steal: It may just be me, but I cannot steal a base for the life of me. The only time I can pilfer second base is when the catcher's throw is off line. Ugh.

4. Be aggressive, B-E aggressive: By now, everyone and their brother knows that AI hitters swing like it's going out of style. This needs to be addressed in a patch ASAP.

I have yet to experience some issues that others are having, such as the 1st baseman's foot coming off the base, franchise freezing, etc. This list is likely to grow, which is a shame, as I had high hopes for 2K9.
# 1 michfan16 @ Mar 5
I agree, still debating if i should buy it
# 2 cameldunginit2 @ Mar 5
Agree on number 1 and number 4. There is a turbo button for your fielders. I have the Xbox 360 version and turbo for the fielders is RT. Stealing bases is an art form that isn't easy, even for fast players such as Jose Reyes. Timing is everything. You have to take a chance on knowing when a pitcher starts his delivery to get the best jump. Sometimes, even with a great jump you get thrown out by a good catcher. That's baseball. I love this game and hopefully with some slider tweaking it can be even better.
# 3 MrArlingtonBeach @ Mar 8
According to the controller set-up screen, RT on defense holds the ball...I believe it is used for pump fakes. I don't think it's a turbo button...
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