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Posted on August 1, 2015 at 12:07 PM.
I've been playing 2K for years and the game sliders are vital part of the game, I really don't think I would be able to play 2K consistently without them to be honest. It's all about being realistic with me, I've been tweaking the slider since day one and finally think I have a winner for this years 2K. The all-around experience has definitely changed and made this game more realistic though a little bit harder, I'm up for the challenge are you? If so try the following sliders and give me some feedback on how this changes your 2K experience.

Sliders can be used for both XBOXONE and PS4 users

Gameplay Difficulty: Hall of Fame - Superstar
Quarter Length: 10min - 12min
Game Speed: 53 or 55 (Your Preference)
Free Throw Difficulty: 75 (Your Preference)

Sliders For both User/CPU

Inside Shot Success: 50
Close Shot Success: 47
Mid-Range Success: 43
3PT Success: 40
Layup Success: 55
Dunk In Traffic Frequency: 35
Dunk In Traffic Success: 65 (Due to a lot of missed dunks when slightly contested)
Pass Accuracy: 48
Alley-Oop Success: 45
Contact Shot Success: 38

Driving Contact Shot Frequency: 45 55 (Be careful with contact you'll experience a lot of no calls if to high)
Inside Contact Shot Frequency: 48 58 (Be careful with contact you'll experience a lot of no calls if to high)
Layup Defense Strength (Takeoff): 65
Layup Defense Strength (Release): 70
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Gather): 70
Jump Shot Defense Strength (Release): 65
Help Defense Strength: 50
Steal Success: 43

Quickness: 50
Vertical: 45
Strength: 50
Stamina: 50
Speed: 50
Durability: 50
Hustle: 50
Dunking Ability: 38
On-ball Defense: 100
Stealing: 38 42 (Low due to wingspan edits but still very effective)
Blocking: 35 40 (Low due to wingspan edits but still very effective)
Offensive Awareness: 80 75
Defensive Awareness: 80 75
Offensive Rebounding: 40
Defensive Rebounding: 45
Offensive Consistency: 50
Defensive Consistency: 50
Fatigue Rate: 47

Take Inside Shots: 50
Take Close Shots: 50
Take Mid-Range Shots: 55
Take 3PT Shots: 75
Post Shots: 50
Attack the Basket: 53
Look for Post Players: 50
Throw Alley-Oops: 45
Attempt Dunks: 47
Attacked Putbacks: 47
Play Passing Lanes: 60
Go for On-Ball Steals: 45
Contest Shots: 80
Backdoor Cuts: 55

Over the Back Foul Frequency: 50
Charging Foul Frequency: 45 50
Blocking Foul Frequency: 55 65
Reaching Foul Frequency: 58 65
Shooting Foul Frequency: 70 75 (With high contact frequency the higher the shooting fouls)
Loose Ball Foul Frequency: 50

XBOXONE users who download my rosters, due to wingspan edits I've tweaked the blocking, stealing and rebounding for realistic gameplay.

Console: XBOXONE
Roster: 2K15
NBA 2K15 Signature Shot Edits
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