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keyshawn19b is offline
# 27
keyshawn19b @ Nov 7, 2016
Hey ND, could you please edit the Waiver Wire for season 2 of madden 17 for any given Sunday to waiver wire and not waivwr wire? Thanks!
Florida3fan is offline
# 26
Florida3fan @ Oct 30, 2016
Hey ND, I recently posted in the league création s'informer. I've submitted my supporter payment and wanted to move my league here
krw14 is offline
# 25
krw14 @ Sep 28, 2016
Hey NDAlum. I posted in the "SOS Recruiting" thread but wanted to make sure I get in touch with you. I'm definitely interested in joining. I'm new to OS and don't have PM privledges yet (which is why this isn't via PM like you asked in your post).

I've been searching for a good sim league and have read your rules. I like them and think they will make the league much more fair for players like me who are more interested in "Xs and Os" instead of watching someone flip pages in their e-book. I'm extremely frustrated in my current league and hope to join yours.

And the Ravens would be perfect, by the way. They're the team I'm used to playing.

Please PM me or email me (until I get privilege from OS) at [email protected] . Thanks!
Allball76 is offline
# 24
Allball76 @ Aug 11, 2016
May I get set up again for my all pro sim league madden 17 , Xbox 1
BBQ_WINGMAN is offline
# 23
BBQ_WINGMAN @ Dec 22, 2015
hey man. Im not a member of the s.o.s league but appreciate the level of commitment and depth you guys show. Salute. I play in the BFSL sim league. aif a spot opens up for tryouts I'd like to be considered. psn BBQ_wingman
jmavromatis is offline
# 22
jmavromatis @ Nov 2, 2015
Just wanted to see if you had any opening in your madden league. Been looking for an active sim style league that will hopefully last many seasons!
Citizenraw is offline
# 21
Citizenraw @ Sep 16, 2015
What's up ND seeing if you can play tonight get back to let me know what's up!
Talk to you soon thanks
Citizenraw is offline
# 20
Citizenraw @ Sep 16, 2015
Wondering if you were around tonight to get our matchup in!!
iiamcb is offline
# 19
iiamcb @ Sep 2, 2015
Why delete my thread. It was placed in there by somebody else. A quick message explaining whatever "rules" there are , and I could've found another alternative, but to just delete the thread altogether. It's never that deep bro. Threads are meant to be created here I thought.
Winuvas is offline
# 18
Winuvas @ Mar 27, 2015
Hey man. Left you a PM. Talk to you later.
Ottomatic19 is offline
# 17
Ottomatic19 @ Dec 4, 2014
Thank You.
themoneyteam1212 is offline
# 16
themoneyteam1212 @ Aug 17, 2014
hey man, I would love to join your league if you have any openings for M15. I am a sim player, grown man and can use group me to communicate with the league and its owners. If you have any teams available please PM. Thank you
KMurkDaLegend is offline
# 15
KMurkDaLegend @ Jul 31, 2014
I am interested in joining your league but I do not have access to PM you. Is posting on your chalkboard acceptable?
minzybaby is offline
# 14
minzybaby @ May 26, 2013
I'll take care of it as soon as I can log on - those were set beforehand that's not how I'd actually run things.
minzybaby is offline
# 13
minzybaby @ May 23, 2013
Sounds good. I have an AIM account that I made for past leagues - [email protected]. I'll be available in the evenings during the week and flexible on weekends (EST). I would prefer SD. I can play a tryout game sometime before 5pm today or maybe tonight ... Tomorrow night is also possible. I added you on psn. My phone number is 716-491-5779.
john129pats is offline
# 12
john129pats @ Feb 9, 2013
Originally Posted by NDAlum
What is your availability tomorrow for a tryout game?
I should be available for most of the day. Just let me know what time is good for you.
shawntown is offline
# 11
shawntown @ Jan 16, 2013
hey ND. i posted in free agents forum as well, but i'd like to see about getting on your waiting list.
psn handle is shawntown. thanks man.
TheBrew101 is offline
# 10
TheBrew101 @ Jan 12, 2013
No word from Titans owner still. Is he still in league?
Sooners_77 is offline
# 9
Sooners_77 @ Dec 17, 2012
Originally Posted by NDAlum
Wanted to give you two options with regards to the upcoming draft:
1- Draft as scheduled and if you have any questions about players myself & Baughn (commissioner) will give you any info we have on scouted players.
2- Join the league after the draft and get some information on rosters before you pick a team.

Unfortunately when you joined you didn't get many scouting points. Just let me know what you would like to do. Also, if you have AIM we are often active there. Just let me know your AIM name and I'll add you to our group chat.

I'll go ahead and do #1, I should be ok.
TheBrew101 is offline
# 8
TheBrew101 @ Dec 16, 2012
I have 2 rules questions:

1) Can you play a LG at RG and vice versa? ROLB at LOLB? RE at LE? This might impact some of my moves as I have 2 good RE's but nobody at LE.

2) I no the no switch rule is in effect (which is good). I'm wondering if this includes punts? This is the only situation in which I feel maybe it should be ok to switch so that you can try to down the ball inside the 20 or prevent a punt return (obviously not a multiple switch but an immediate switch after the punt so you aren't the punter)?
Sooners_77 is offline
# 7
Sooners_77 @ Dec 16, 2012
Cant PM yet, but interested in the madden league.

1. Age - 35
2. State of residence - TX
3. Typical hours of availability - Most evenings
4. Did you read, understand, and agree to the above? YES
5. PSN - Sooners_77
4solo is offline
# 6
4solo @ Aug 3, 2011
Cool Thanks man
4solo is offline
# 5
4solo @ Jun 25, 2011
Hey did you do a new site like the Northstars one? If so mind if I can get the link and check it out. I really enjoyed the one with the Stars.
Buckeye is offline
# 4
Buckeye @ Oct 11, 2010
Can you also give me tips on how to do it?
Buckeye is offline
# 3
Buckeye @ Oct 11, 2010
is your knicks site a free forum or what? I may d othat also if you dont mind me using your idea
Da Rebirth is offline
# 2
Da Rebirth @ Oct 4, 2010
Shout out to North Khaki...Representing Fayettenam...Peace
waspman3 is offline
# 1
waspman3 @ Sep 6, 2010
Dude Notre Dame and Brian Kelley are doing what needs to be done and thats restoring that sense of pride and discipline. Long over due I might add. Won't comment on a possible record but since I cant stand Michigan and USC the most I want them to be wins the most.
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