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How To Survive at O.S. for Dummies 
Posted on November 5, 2011 at 05:09 PM.
I've been noticing a lot of posts here at OS that have become a little ignorant in attitude and content to the point I can't take it anymore. Everyone here was a new member at one point therefore we all had to go through some growing pains but I'm having old timer syndrome thinking my generation of OSers weren't nearly as bad or entitled as this new generation of members. These are just tips that some of you new guys/girls can use in order to last here longer than a couple of days/weeks.

1. Forget about how things were at other sites you are or were a member of. OS is different. - The same kind of posts and rants that get over at other places won't fly here. They will get you on the hit list and banned here. Post with common sense and respect.

2. Respect the Mods - Save the free speech stuff for the debate team. While you do have the right to say what you want, you need to have the sense to know that what you may say can have negative consequences on you. For example, you can have the right to say that someone's significant other is ugly. If you come into that person's home and say it in front of them and their plus one you should expect that they won't be ok with your choice of words in utililizing your free speech. Consider OS the Mods' home and you are being allowed in, so show respect. If a thread of yours gets locked down, click on the Mods name who closed it and send him a PM politely asking why. Don't start another thread about it . You are seen as trying to show them up and that is a fight you can't win.

3. Don't be an attention whore - Starting threads where the subject already exists happens sometimes. I myself have done that and that's ok. Just try to use the search engine whenever possible. My problem is threads like Online sucks in (Insert game) or I just traded in(Insert game)Most of these threads have very little content in them and they (a)could have been put in another, longer thread about the same subject (b) come off as you just being starved for attention because it's hard to miss the other existing threads on whatever subject that are pages upon pages long. This leads me to believe that you just want attention. Ask these questions before starting a thread:
a.Does one already exist on the subject?
b.If one does, are my thoughts and points different enough to start another?
c.Could the thread be funny/enlightening/helpful to others?

4. Offer constructive criticism to developers not just plain hate when posting-I can understand being upset about something in a game and posting out of anger. I just think Devs respond better to posts that are well thought out and offer solutions to problems rather than unhelpful posts like "(insert dev) is lazy or stupid" If your woman is wearing something unflattering to their size do you tell them (a) Hell Nah! You are too big to be wearing a skirt like that! or (b)Hmm, I don't know about that one honey, it's ok. (Calmly pick out another outfit out of her closet that you think she would look better in and say..) I've always loved this one on you baby. One method may or may not get the desired result but will most likely piss her off. The other would get her to think about it on her own and provide another option without being a complete jerk. While being blunt can get the job done, being smooth can get the same result possibly followed by a massage with the happy ending.

5. Try to be respectful of other posters - I say try because I know it's hard when emotions get boiling and arguing starts but for your sake try to make your arguments with respect for others opinions and with class and humor(if possible). I've got into my fair share of arguments here(it will happen to you)and found it hard to walk away. We all feel the need to get the last word in. If you feel things are reaching the point of with you, respond to the poster with a PM so you don't say something on the forums that will get you in trouble with the people in tip #2.

Hopefully these tips will help you survive at OS and exist here to post for a long time
# 1 Yrogergj24 @ Nov 5
Condensed easier version for mega noobs

2. Don't tell the mods to F themselves
3. See #1
4. Devs have more rights than you
5. Older people have more rights than you

All of mine were purely satirical, please take no offence to them.
# 2 NINJAK2 @ Nov 5
LOL. No offense taken. We can call your post a cliff notes version. LOL.
# 3 NINJAK2 @ Nov 7
This is without question a sim snob site duke. People are hardcore about sports and their video game counterparts here and it has been that way since I arrived here. It is both a gift and a curse. Gift because of the detailed insights, rosters, and sliders we get from the community and a curse because of the venom that can be spewed out by this same dedicated membership if they don't like something...
# 4 H to the Oza @ Nov 8
Of course people have grudge against EA. They eliminate football competition and almost release a "game" like NBA Elite. Not to mention they cant even get football right!!
# 5 bubbaman11 @ Nov 8
Heres what you do...don't say anything bad about 2k
Riiiiight...because everyone here LOVES the MLB2k series, not to mention Don King's Prizefighter, MLB Front Office Mgr, and the NHL2k series (next gen). People here enjoy good sports games, PERIOD. We don't praise crap. If anyone has animosity towards EA, it's because we feel like we've been robbed of 6 years of awesome football games because the lack of competition EA created. EA's rested on its laurels for 6 years because it can, and I'm not hating, because I'm pretty sure I would've done the same given the chance. Remember Madden 2005 and NFL2k5? We just miss that level of excellence - on both sides - not just 2k's.
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