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Last Geners getting completely punked by gaming sites & companies in the last days 
Posted on October 21, 2014 at 04:45 PM.
The writing is on the wall for last gen. We have enjoyed a great run on the ps3 and the 360 but that time is coming to an end. Many have already moved on and we last geners whether it be for lack of finance or lack of interest have yet to move on to the current platforms. While we are being told by everyone around us that our systems aren't worth a damn anymore, companies still see fit to charge people the same price for games on these consoles as current gen and put forth minimal effort and support along with providing zero pre-release footage, screens, or info. This is where the disrespect comes in.

Companies are treating last geners simiilar to these neighborhood stores where they heavily overprice basic food items and take advantage of those who lack the ability to shop elsehwhere due to lack of transportation, disability, etc. It truly is a sad state of affairs to say the least. Some gaming sites aren't helping in this regard doing reviews for multiplatform games yet exerting minimal effort in seperating the differences between these platforms during reviews almost helping contribute to people buying these games under false pretense.

With the exception of a few games from Konami (Pes 2015, MGS Ground Zeroes) , EA( Fifa 15), Bungie (Destiny) very few companies are giving last geners an opportunity to see what these multiplatform games look like on ps3/360 prior to release. They are essentially acting like "We never promised anything because we never said anything!" While this may be true it comes off as somewhat sneaky and dishonest when they know that some people will still be depending on last gen for gaming and they are taking advantage of people stuck in a location where they lack access to fair pricing.

I am roughly two payments away from paying my car off and that will free up nearly $300 a month for me so I should be gaming on current gen early next year but this does not exonerate these gaming companies/sites from their lack of transparency or honesty in the last days of last gen. I still have plenty of games to complete on my 360 (Witcher 2, Mass Effect 1-3, GTA5, etc) so my 360 still has some life left. I will still be empathetic of those on last gen even after I move on. I think the majority of these companies should be ashamed of themselves during these last days but they aren't....They are simply laughing all the way to the bank taking advantage of people like me and others in my position..
# 1 DJ @ Oct 21
What's funny is that even my wife, who is not a gamer by any stretch of the imagination, made the comment when we were shopping the other day about 360/PS3 games being the same price as PS4/Xbox One. She asked 'shouldn't the older games be cheaper?' I told her I agreed but that it's not likely to happen because there's still a large percentage of gamers that have not upgraded consoles yet, so the demand for the 360/PS3 games is still there.

I'm certainly not happy that games on the 360/PS3 are being sold for $60, and I've only picked up games if I was able to get them for at least 50% off (with trades, coupons, etc.).

I could upgrade to a PS4 right now, but have no real burning desire to do so. Maybe next year when Uncharted, MGS and MLB 15 The Show are out, but for now, I'm good with my 360 and PS3.
# 2 Eaglerock562 @ Oct 22

I must say that I enjoyed reading your post and I'm 100% in agreement with you. To me we as a country have been in the so-called recession for almost 10 years plus and it's amazing how in a recession the price of everything goes up. It might just be me, but what sense does that make? People not working so they can't be earn any money, others getting laid off due to companies not having the budget for the amount of employees it holds, but yet let's raise the price of everything. People don't work = people aren't spending $$ = companies downsize = putting people out of work, I mean I would think anyone who got passed 1st grade could make that connection right.

It says and shows these companies for exactly what they are and that is $$ hungry for every last dollar out there no matter who they are taking it from, but since we live in a world where its a competition alot of these companies might want to slow their role because if you treat the customer like crap, they are bound sooner or later to either starve rather then give you their money or they will simply go somewhere else where they can get the same stuff for either the same price or less, but be respected and appreciated. Like you said, these companies are all about the next gen that they completely disregard the old gen and like you pointed out, they would stand by the "well we never promised you so we don't owe you anything" company line, BUT let's go a step further and the flip side to that coin and our response should be "well you never did not promise so yes you do owe us something." No company came out and said "we will showing our product based on the next gen version, we have no plans to show old gen version." Of course why would they say that and hurt their bottom line, cause most people who are stuck with old gen wouldn't bother then going and paying for the game anyways, rather settle for what they continue to play and have at home.

I myself am still on the 360, but by choice. I refused to pay $500 for an XBOX One when it was first released and to this day the only difference to me between the consoles minus the games and the gameplay of them is that the XBOX One plays blue ray discs and the 360 does not. When the price of the XBOX One was dropped to $400 without the kinnect, I still was not budging because even after you get the console and you purchase one game you still wind up turning over $500. Plus, its a new console, its bound to have issues and the games along with it so I wasn't about to put myself through all the patches, I will just play the wait and see game and see where it is in about a year. Well here we are almost a year later and I will be purchasing my XBOX One either at the end of the month or the first of the month coming up. I might decide to wait one more month til they drop the price of the XBOX One down to $350 at which point take my 360 and the few games that I have with it (I don't need alot of games as NBA 2K and GTA V and Batman keep me pretty busy) and trade that in to go against the cost that the XBOX One and a game will be (I am heavily leaning to purchasing NBA LIVE 15 instead of 2K15 because I've grown tired and disgusted with 2K's poor customer service and their lack of attention to detail throughout their whole product).

But I agree with you that is nothing more then highway robbery the way these companies treat those that don't have the funds to purchase the up to date gadgets, electronics in our society today. You would think that these companies would think, "well ok, people out there might not be able to afford the newest thing, but if we sell them it at a reasonable price maybe perhaps they would be able to, but if not we can't sell them the old things at the same price because if they can't afford the newest thing they won't buy anything at all and sooner or later I might be the one that can't afford the newest thing."

I think they need to ask themselves what will we do once we've taking everyones money and theres nobody left to buy our product, what then? Well they can just get to the end of the line with behind all of us, but they only need to look in the mirror as to why we are all there in the first place.

Great read Ninja.
# 3 NINJAK2 @ Oct 22
Great post Eagle and I agree with you 100%.
DJ- Sounds like you married a smart woman so don't mess that up

It has been a bad year imo when it comes to multiplatform games and the level of information that has been put out about the 360/ps3 versions. Like you said eagles they are just taking advantage of those on last gen and don't want to potentially scared of customers by showing footage...essentially like those movies that aren't screened for critics hoping to get some unsuspecting customers completely in the dark. Some prominent game sites haven't done their part often failing to even do reviews of last gen versions or secure pre release information. These facts irritate me whenever I walk in a store and see $59.99 on both versions of these It really comes off shady to me and I have never been more disgusted with these companies than I am during this transition...
# 4 Eaglerock562 @ Oct 22
And how about the PC version of NBA 2K. Hasn't that always been about $20-$30 over the years? Now that they put the new gen modes on the PC version they bumped the price to a full $60. How does a company seriously rationalize that to their customers. Since adding the next gen stuff to the PC version and bumping it up to $60 they could've just as easily had taken the old gen versions (since they didn't do probably $60 worth of attention to it) and dropped the price down to $30-$40 and their bottom line still would've been safe. Last gen users paid $60 for a game with less game modes then the new gen version and last gen has been given the middle finger when it comes to accurate and proper roster sets.

I am about 1-2 games away from literally tossing the game disc like a frisbee out my front door because this online garbage is just unacceptable. The amount of LAYUPS that are missed by all players on all teams is terrifying because everyone damn well knows there isn't a player in the league who will go on in a game and miss layup after layup after layup or for that matter short arm their layups.

2K every year screws around with the stuff that ISNT broken in the game. Whats the old saying, "If it aint broke, dont fix it." Well 2K might want to have that as a company slogan hung over everyones desks in the office. The shot meter is simply the most worthless addition. Why should we have to put our focus on a shot meter when we are doing multiple things already when playing the game...dribbling, passing, screening, looking for cutters...and now we have to look at this meter when we shoot in order to make any shot on the court rather then in the past looking at the players highest point of shooting stance. I have masterd playing the game witih Kobe Bryant by far more than any other player in the game and in 2K15 online games, miss layup after miss layup and almost every damn shot feels like its forced by the game instead of a fluid motion.

I've never seen a company like 2K take one step forward and then two steps back when it comes to the way they attack this game each year. Existing issues from 4-5 years continue to be present in the game and its led me to think that the reason 2K never fixed those issues is quite simply they DIDNT know how to, but that doesn't stop them from creating new issues on a yearly basis.

I mean this is not a simulation game of basketball anymore. It's starting to go down the road of NBA Jam but with the ability to use all 30 teams and their players and I'm sorry, but yeah NBA Jam has its place in sports gaming as a casual gamers game, but when you slap on one of the major sports entities name on a game title, certain expectations come with that and what I've had to witness and watch over the last 3 weeks, NBA 2K15 does not look like the NBA that I watch on tv at all.

I wish that someone out there would take my idea I had 2 years ago and develop a game that is strictly for hardcore association users and put all the effort and time into that one mode and that would give you a SIMULATION game of the NBA to play and enjoy. And you just call it "The NBA Association"...kinda like when they had that game a few years ago for MLB and it was like MLB General Manger I believe.
# 5 NINJAK2 @ Oct 24
It's a little hypocritical to call Eaglerock extreme and in your same response ask the question should companies still be making games for snes and Come on man that's just flat out ignorant. Current gen has been out for less than 2years and SNES and Genesis have been extinct for nearly a quarter of a century. MS and Sony are still charging full price for last gen because they know there's still a market. They should be more upfront about content and supportive of these consoles if they are going to charge the same as an X1/PS4 don't you think?
# 6 NINJAK2 @ Oct 24
You may be right about the NBA Jam comparison TheReal but this is year 2 of their "no more games after 5 years" but what does that have to do with them releasing a last gen game at the same price scale as current gen? That statement really has nothing to do with these games and their companies putting forth poor pre-release info and bad post-release support with a $59.99 price tag sandwiched right between both of those practices.

I like 2k15, and Madden 15 but I feel both have been dishonest and shady this year....
# 7 eye guy @ Oct 24
For me personally, people don't see outside the box. I myself haven't bpught a current gen console simply because I don't feel the need or urge to. I don't play on my 360 either but that's my choice.

Anyway, I look at it like this. If you can afford, and choose to invest in old gen games, then the fault is on you. Unless you're a collector, then there's no excuse in selling your old gen games and console.

Instead of buying game after game on old gen, save that money. Save enough (two to three games worth) and offload your console for enough to buy a new console.

I understand that you'll never see the amount you originally spent, but that's just how purchases work imo...
# 8 eye guy @ Oct 24

Also, whether you buy the game for old or current gen, these companoes will still get your money.

The exceptions are games like GTA V which they still support on old gen.
# 9 NINJAK2 @ Oct 25
You make sense eye but I think you are being way too lenient on companies that put out these games on last gen. You are ignoring the fact that there is an expectation that should exist for a AAA $60 game, even on last gen. Thing is most people who bought a game like 2k didn't have realistic expectations of it to look just like next gen or have the same bells and whistles. I only expected some new cyberfaces for those that needed it , content updates and rosters consistent with current gen, improved gameplay, and fixes to issues.. Right now they are only 40-50% there. Now there is the possibility they won't even update courts on last gen and this is something they did as recently as 2k14..This if true is scandalous and it shouldn't be on us if we expect things done last year to be done the following year.
# 10 NINJAK2 @ Oct 25

IWe all know that it's 'buyer beware' but Damn.. I really don't get how some seem to just want to let these game companies off the hook as far as responsibility. We are not 8 or 10 years removed from last gen we are less than 2 years. Like I said in my blog I plan on being on current gen next year but I still expect these companies to be competent on last gen at current gen prices as should anyone.
# 11 Eaglerock562 @ Oct 25
TheREAL, I'm speaking as a basketball coach for going on 20 years now, since I was 14. This game has so many things that SCREAM "non-simulation basketball" that it is ridiculous. For example, during an online game players kicked the ball around on the court like it was soccer and no kick ball violation was called. How in the world does that get looked over? Next thing I should expect to see is Kobe Bryant wearing a hockey pads and give the basketball a slap shot into the basket right? The issue is this, and Ninja has made the point over and over again is that how can you justify $60 for this game on last gen consoles if you sent not even $60 worth of time on it? How is it that a nearly a month after the release it can't be difficult for 2K to give ever single version of the game, last gen or current gen or PC the exact same roster set file. I'm sorry, but any excuses why they can't is unacceptable, especially when 2K has clearly shown as of October 16th, they added over 19 players that DO NOT have guaranteed contracts or are training camp invites to the current gen roster sets. So any reason why they couldn't have done this in previous versions was a lie and showing of complete laziness on their part. I purchase RED MC every year and it shouldn't be me or anyone else that should have to go in and fix players, coaches, all the other intangibles that make this game complete. I didn't spend $60 to fix their game because they couldn't and I've done that for the past 4 years now since 2K11. Every year they wanna add a new game mode and change all the controls around and for what? Nobody to the best of my knowledge complained and said the controls or shooting was broken, but yet for the past 3 years now they have made an all out effort to consistantly change it every year while ignorning exisiting issues and I think thats only because they don't know how to fix them at all and they don't wanna come out and say it and look like fools.

As far as updating the courts go, if they don't do that then what did old gen users basically buy for $60? They bought a water down version of NBA 2K14 just with the new draft class of players on the game disc, but also the most frustrating and unrealistic gameplay I've ever seen. Of course now that is just my opinion and I'm allowed to have one and again this is coming from a basketball coach of 20 years now.

I do plan on purchasing a xbox one in about 2 weeks, but I will not be endorsing and purchasing 2K15 and giving them another $60. I have spoken to developers from EA Sports and they (unlike 2K) have given me some feedback and some images of what I can expect from their game and the one thing that grabbed my attention that 2K is going to never get right, is that they have the most accurate roster set that I've ever seen in any sports game and it is going to be updated nightly. Their gameplay might not be up on 2K's level, but considering what I've seen from this game so far, I think it will be an improvement, cause I dont expect to be playing soccer on the court in their game.
# 12 NINJAK2 @ Oct 25
Great post Eagle. I disagree with you as far as gameplay is concerned but I mostly play offline.

Correction- I meant to say unrealistic expectations in my previous post not realistic.. lol
# 13 Eaglerock562 @ Oct 25
Ninja, I am more of offline association mode player myself, I just do the online quick match when I get bored or before the season actually starts, but its just awful this year. I've never seen so many point blank missed layups, dunks, players collide and no call is made, players with so much space inbetween them and a foul called, it makes me pause the game and think for a minute if I just witnessed that.
# 14 Eaglerock562 @ Oct 25
And for the record NBA 2K15 has nothing on GTA 5. GTA 5 blows 2K15 out of the water. GTA 5 is the type of game you can buy on the release and keep it till the next installment comes out because theres actually THAT much to do to keep you busy for a couple of years.
# 15 NINJAK2 @ Oct 28
No doubt about GTA 5 Eagle. That game had 3-4 years of development between titles and that has a huge impact on what they can put out. If 2k came out every 3-4 years and 2k15 was the result people should get canned due to the myriad of issues that still linger..
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