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FIFA 13: Bring On Connected Careers 
Posted on July 26, 2012 at 04:47 PM.

Internationals - FIFA 13 Career Mode

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There is supposedly at least one announcement that was held back from the FIFA 13 meetings with FIFA Soccer Blog this past week. There's only one thing this announcement should be.

FIFA 13 Connected Careers.

The Madden 13 announcements on the mode have been out for months. And the NHL 13 announcement/video last week was a major leap forward for that franchise's marquee mode. And the sales of FIFA 12 (and it's Ultimate Team DLC especially) prove that a huge online community absolutely loves this game. The omission of an online career mode would be a mistake from EA, given how much they are pushing their games in to an integrated online experience. They even added an iPhone app this year with Ultimate Team integration - isn't that the perfect place to track your online career?

Game Calendar - FIFA 13 Career Mode

I don't need to make the case for why most of the features of Career Mode would improve with online support and playing with friends. Everything from the transfer deadline day, to the new international management games, to tactics and competition against human opponents becomes more immersive and fun with human opponents. And the Virtual Pro would become much more meaningful in the online context; imagine battling your friend for the golden boot, or teaming up on a League 2 side to try and get promoted all the way to the EPL. This would add a lot of life to a career mode that tends to get stale.

Dare I say it, people would even pay extra for this. I know I would.

What do you think the announcement will be about? And if it's Connected Careers, what's your must-have feature?
# 1 baseballboss5 @ Jul 27
im confused with maddens but nhls connected mode would be confusing in fifa
# 2 tw33d988 @ Jul 28
I"m a head to head season Fan for sure, best invention since slice bread. Currently Division 2.

Adding CC to Fifa 13 wouldn't be a good move for fifa 13 right right now. Just because we or them aren't sure how big of a success/revolutionary it will be. Definitively the fans, me and many people don't know exactly how it works yet online.

After they see how it exactly works I do believe they will incorporate in a later Fifa title. Some how some way because things are more fun against human comp.

Plus if they did add CC in Fifa 13 now still with all of the other features available. No lie, it will be fun but it will be a mess. I would not know what to do first. That's a lot of modes and all of them can live online.

But if they do I"m not complaining lol

# 3 THE YAMA @ Jul 28
I would be ecstatic if they were to add this feature into the FIFA series.
# 4 footy_la_la @ Feb 13
Connected careers would be absoutely brilliant.
I've been a part of a few great sites that have well organized leagues going. Problem is, they all have to be adminstered via the website. H2H gets quite boring after a while and personally, there are too many useless modes that aren't fully appreciated by all Fifa gamers.
Connected careers would at least entice the majority the people who buy this game. In fact, i'd go as far as saying that it would increase sales tenfold for EA.
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