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The 1984 Giants Defense - Bill Belichick 
Posted on July 2, 2013 at 05:24 PM.
A while back I came across a PDF of the 1984 NY Giants Defensive playbook by Bill Belichick. It isn't a complete playbook, and it has some things that aren't aprt of his playbook, but rather a hand out bout defensive line stunts... but regardless it is packed with a lot of great information. This blog and some future blogs will refer to this playbook and more that I have found.

Here is a screen capture of the defensive fronts called:

So, the Giants didn't run a Dime defense, and I don't blame them. I have used a Dime a few times in APF 2K8 and I think I will remove it from my playbook as well. It opens up the run too much in my opinion, and I am more confident in my OLB Stephen Brady than I am in my #4 CB in coverage and run support. Also, rather than calling it a Nickle defense, they had two code words: Mustang and Pony for a 4-2 and 3-3 front respectively.While i will not be using the 3-4, the concepts remain the same.

Here is a screen capture of what the huddle is like:

The huddle call is made quickly and adjustments are made based on the offensive formation. What that means is that they do not assign a specific linebacker to pass rush in the huddle, but rather make sight adjustments based on the opposing formation. Here is an explanation of the numbering system from the next page:

There is far more detailed information about each set of adjustments. I will talk about some of these in future blog installments. This installment is just about the huddle before I move on to more detail info.
# 1 moose1619 @ Jul 11
I happened to read some of this today on the internet and then I saw your blog, good stuff!
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