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Can A Videogame Actually Be Broken? Stuck
Posted on November 2, 2011 at 12:23 PM.

Can a videogame actually be broken? Well, figuratively of course. We see this term thrown around a lot these days. What makes a videogame broken? Is it subjective or objective? Some people claim a game is broken when a certain aspect of that game doesnít work properly. For example, zone defense in a football game. If this aspect of the game does not work correctly then I guess itís conceivable the game is broken. If the gamer cannot get past that glaring issue who could blame them for making the broken game claim.

As always, there are two sides to every story. What about the gamers who claim the game is broken when a seemingly small aspect of the game is not to their liking? For some gamers it seems like the developers canít win for losing. No gamer should have to play a game they donít like, or arenít able to have fun with. But there has to be a limit right? Is it okay for gamers to complain about players having the wrong Shoes, and incorrect Sock length? These have been considered game breakers by some gamers. But hey, thatís their opinion right?

Even patches to fix these so called ďgame breakersĒ sometimes create more issues than the game had in the first place. Take the second patch for NCAA Football 12. While it fixed some issues, it messed up the no huddle offense. It begs the question, are patches even worth it? Most people would probably say yes, but you have to wonder what it would be like if the developers were pressed to get it right the first time around.

In the end, there is no right or wrong when it comes to this argument. Every gamer is well within their rights to claim whether a game is broken or not. Itís all subjective.

As one man so famously said, ďNo dreads, no piece.Ē
# 16 BaylorBearBryant @ Nov 3
The code isn't put in correctly you say? That sounds like it's broken to me.
# 17 BlackRome @ Nov 3
Of Course a game can be broken. See 2k9, 2k10 2k11, 2k12.

2k9 Dribble system broken. Only the spin move allows you to get dribble by someone.

2k10. Any shot inside the paint is good.

2k11. Online doesn't work. Game moves in molasses.

2k12. See 2k11.
# 18 Galarius @ Nov 3
If NBA 2k12 is broken, then NCAAand Madden are shattered!ha ha...NBA 2k 12 is probably the finest achievement ever in a sports game, right up there with the best of The Show and NHL(which in my opinion are this years versions, but I don't play those as much as MLB, so I will defer that to the most hardcore fans as to which is the best)The VIP system in 2k is horribly undrutilized by fans, and a tad underdeveloped and promoted by 2k.Most humanlike experience when playing the CPU in any sports game....I don't feel either NCAA or madden are broken.My biggest complaint on NCAA was the lack of a Zoom Cam(although the camera does zoom in nicely on a lot of plays as they happen), but then again I am not a huge college football fan...I was enjoying Madden this year more than any other version I have played, but when NBA came out it hasn't seen much action..I am sure I will start playing again more around Thanksgiving

For the most part, I think this is the best era in sportsgaming history.Not having a killer football game kinda stinks, but hockey, baseball, basketball, and soccer are all pushing boundaries.Don't understand why EA can't make Madden as good as FIFA and NHL, but then again they really lost it with basketball.As 2k did with baseball until this year.

I guess the question now is, which is the lowest of these titles....NCAA , Madden, or 2k Baseball?
# 19 Eski33 @ Nov 3
@ Matt. Well said.
# 20 tril @ Nov 3
Games aren't broken. I just think that technology and the way content can be delivered has changed the business model.
Games can now be delivered on date, knowing that patches will remedy any glaring issues that arise.
The EA basketball game was broken that's why they canceled it. if it were issues that were patchable the the game would have been released.

so there's a difference between broken and patchable; that's the knew business model.
# 21 Obnoxious @ Nov 17
I think what is wrong is people expect sports games to be perfect. Even when a game is good, people expect more. I give huge credit to game developers these days especially in sports. They only have 1 year to gather data, come up with new ideas, exploit new ideas, and test new ideas. It's not like Madden will release a video game every 2-3 years like all these great FPS games these days. They have a short due date so they don't have time to make a perfect glitch free game.

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