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Sports Games for Valentine's Day? 
Posted on February 13, 2012 at 03:44 PM.
You could call my wife a gamer. Just not a sports gamer -- hey, I tried.

The other night I popped in MLB 11: The Show and asked my wife what team she wanted to be. She said with much unease, ďnone.Ē So I chose the Indians for her. I asked her who she wanted to pitch with, and to my surprise she said Justin Masterson. I'm sure the only reason she knows him was because of how I forced her to watch every Cleveland game with me last year.

To keep things even, I chose the Mets.

After some comments about the ridiculously long loading times (sorry SCEA), we get to her warm-up pitches. Disaster ensues with wild pitches abound. As we finally get to the game, she hits my first batter. I figure maybe we should fast-forward to the next half inning to let her bat. Nope, all hope is gone -- she started hacking away as soon as I pitched, constantly out in front of the ball. I even tried throwing right down the middle. She hit a couple of ground balls, but was so frustrated that I figured it was time to let her quit. At least she was a good sport and tried hard. I teased her about it the rest of the night, though.

I think itís pretty safe to say the sports game experiment with my wife was a complete and utter failure. Thatís OK, though. I really donít mind. She loves other games. Give her God of War, or any Fable game, and she will be happy for hours on end. In fact she has beat them all. Iím actually pretty proud to say that about my wife. She is now interested in trying Kingdoms of Amalur: Reckoning, and looking forward to the next installment in the Little Big Planet series.

To have a wife that plays videogames at all is pretty sweet. I enjoy watching her play them. I like to take in the story without doing all the work. Whatís more, she understands my obsession for sports games. She knows that I have to get most of the games day one, and she is OK with that. Thank God! She even told me to go pay off The Show 12 the other day.

So, sports games for Valentine ís Day? Nah, not this year.
# 1 SkillzKillz719 @ Feb 13
That's really cool that she likes that!
My girlfriend does too. Not much of a sports gamer, but she can watch football games and not hate every second of it.

Even having girlfriend or wife that can put up with sports is a great one, but one that actually play a video game and like them?
Pretty damn awesome!
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