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Why the NFL is getting ruined 
Posted on June 15, 2009 at 04:31 AM.
I just want to write my feeling why I think the NFL is getting completely ruined. Starting with the players themselves.

Players and how they act

I have been watching football since the Panthers came into the league in 1996. Since then I have seen so many issues with players on and off the field. I am seeing just bout every year one player are another wants to be the most highest paid player in the league. I understand that a player wants to be paid for the thing he does best on the field each sunday. But it gets to a point as a fan when you get tired of players whining about not getting paid this certain amount and not been the highest paid person at his postion. When a player does not get what he wants he holds out and keeps crying until the team gives in. My view point on this is that the fans don't deserve this kind of treatment. The NFL and these players need to take a look at where they are at. Because if it wasn't for the fans buying tickets and other things like that then the NFL wouldn't be here. Because of us the NFL is still here. I am so sick of players crying bout not making enough money are I want a bigger contract with more money and so on. I thank alot of these players who act this way don't even deserve to play in the NFL. Players holding out is so unprofessional. If most the guys was to get reminded where they came from before they got these million dollar contracts then they might stop complaining so much. Why these players are crying over money and contracts. We fans who provide them with our money when we come to games and buy their stuff. We fans work hard for our few bucks every week. So we should be the ones crying not them. I want to see my favorite player on sunday and not holding out because he wants more money. This is one of the things that is ruining the NFL right now.

Roger Goddell and team owners and rules

Now this is something that really need to be said. Now I know there is rules that need to be followed to keep any company are business in line. I have nothing agaist rules. But some rules just don't make sense one bit. For the past 5 years are so now some of the rules that have been put out is making the game you see on sunday water down. It is getting worse year after year. Some of these rules I have found to be so lame it ain't funny. Like no team celebration rule. I remember some years ago I seen the rams do the bob and weave as a team. But those kind of celebrations will now get a team a 15 yard penalty. Now another rule that most of you know was put in this year called the Tom brady rule. Where as now if a DE are DT get throwed to the ground by a Olineman. That Denfenseive player must get back up before allowing to sack the QB. Now I am all for trying to protect all QBs in the league from injury. But injuries are part of the game. The new rule is going to give the offense that much more time now. The way things keep going one day the defense will not even be allowed to even touch the QB. They get paid millions to play. They ain't getting payed to look good back there. These rules over the past few years is killing the game itself. Overall Roger goodell and the owners is trying to turn the NFL into a water down version of it's former self. Fans want to see team celebrations like the falcons dirty bird. The fans want to see wicked hits on WRs and QBs without a penalty been called. This just makes watching the NFL so boring now. I mean don't get me wrong I love football and watch it. But I really feel certain rules that have been put into the game over the past 5 year are so is just killing the overall fun of the game we use to see on sundays long time ago. I would understand certain rules needed into the game but other rules are plain stupid.

Overall I just really wanted to give you OS people a little summary from me why I think the NFL as a whole has gone down hill some over the past five years are so. From players whining bout money and contracts and holding out to some rules that is killing the fun of watching NFL on sunday. This is my first blog. I don't know how good it is to ya'll I tryed my best. But just please comment on it after you read it. Just give me your opinion on the subject. Thanks for viewing OS.
# 1 HealyMonster @ Jun 15
I can agree to the rule changes. It seems ike every year as of late, they are trying to add more and more rules to make the game less violent. I mean the NFL has been around for so long, neyond the holuchi rule, and things like that, there shouldnt be as many rule changes as there has been under goodell.
# 2 MattIntellect @ Jun 15
Roger Goodell is doing a great job with the NFL. The NFL used to be under poor management before he came alone. Everyone is untitled to their own opinion non-the less.
# 3 Sublime12089 @ Jun 13
The NFL sucks because it is the No Fun League. Godell and the owners could lighten up a bit.
# 4 PantherBeast_OS @ Jun 13
@Bigfoot 999 I have to agree with you on that one bro.
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