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# 13
Tico Da Great @ Mar 29, 2010
Originally Posted by Pantherbeast
Ya it is hard to see michaels retire from wrestling. But what I have read that this was preplaned for Shawn to loss because he wanted to spend more time with his wife and kids and plus his contract was up after WM26 anyway. But sad to see him go. But maybe he will be back sometime later on down the road. But for now WWE will be the same without him are DX
i know man well its good to be back man watch raw man
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# 12
Tico Da Great @ Mar 29, 2010
Originally Posted by Pantherbeast
Yea bro I eaw it last night. Ortan is the man. I enjoy ortan alot. Bad are good. He is good at what he does in the ring.
Man I was gone my accnt got hacked i just got back on here wrestlemania was classic shawn vs undertaker
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# 11
PantherBeast_OS @ Mar 29, 2010
@Tico. Yea I caught some of it on the web. I love ortan in the way he ooutsmarts his enemy and all in the ring.
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# 10
Tico Da Great @ Mar 29, 2010
did u watch wrestlemania last night omg orton is a genuis
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# 9
PantherBeast_OS @ Jun 23, 2009
Ya brother anytime.:-0
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# 8
carolina_boi @ Jun 23, 2009
superbowl 38 Jerseys??? haha sweet. I guess we will see when it comes out, appreciate it !
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# 7
PantherBeast_OS @ Jun 23, 2009
No I don't know what exactly going to be in there for carolina options. I am sure the black and green teal jersies will be in there to mix match. I done saw on a patch photo of them wearing there superbowl 38 logo jersy in a game in the photo I saw. The panthers have a few options. Not much sense they hacve only been around as a team for only 12 years. not enough time for them to get old time jersies and stuff like that. But aleast we will have their superbowl 38 jersy as a option in mix and match.
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# 6
carolina_boi @ Jun 23, 2009
haha u already know ! hey what options do you think we will have as far as uniforms in madden 10 ??
Jerseys - Carolina blue, black, white
helmets- silver
socks-Carolina blue/black
cleats-black/white/Carolina blue

thats my guess bc thats the only uniforms ive ever seen the Panthers wear, in a post though was it you that said somthing about black pants???????
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# 5
PantherBeast_OS @ Jun 22, 2009
Thanks alot carolina boi. This why carolina will once again be the top running team in this league again this year.
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# 4
carolina_boi @ Jun 22, 2009
aye bro. loven Jonathan Stewart video... He"s a BEAST !
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# 3
mars85042 @ Jun 1, 2009
Keep me in the rolodex for your franchise, I'm all about good fair play.
GT: DBD5BlackCeasar
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# 2
PantherBeast_OS @ May 8, 2009
No problem bro. Anytime.
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# 1
Tico Da Great @ May 8, 2009
Thanks for the feedback on the madden 10 song

Tico Perez!
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