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What is a "sim?" 
Posted on December 5, 2008 at 12:43 PM.
Just a quick entry:

I see as more and more time goes on people complaining about certain things happening in their basketball games that isn't possible.

Last night Jose Barea scored a season high 18 points (I think he scored 9 in the 4th quarter alone) as the Mavs torched the Suns. In that same night, Matt Bonner had 9 points in the first quarter alone.

If these things were to happen in your game, honestly, how many of you claim the game to be broken?

It's amazing how so many of today's sports games get so easily dismissed when they see something "out of the ordinary." It's a shame, as this usually causes someone to make a post on how "Matt Bonner torched them for 9 pts. in the 1st quarter!"

If the games you play don't have this sort of variance, how can you declare it a sim? Should Kobe be scoring 28 pts. every single game? How can developers include this real life variance if it is going to simply get dismissed by the gamer so easily?

What if you played a game, and in your FIRST game, Barea went crazy like he did last night and got hot. What would your impression of the game be?
# 1 KG @ Dec 5
Guile is not sim....j/k
# 2 rudyjuly2 @ Dec 5
You can never take results from one game to determine if a game is a sim or not because sports are unpredictable. If a video game was a true sim it would have the same level of unpredictableness (is that a new word ).

The entire "sim" vs. "arcade" debate is overblown. Everyone wants the game to play realistically. The casual gamer just needs the difficulty level to be easier imo.
# 3 Steve_OS @ Dec 5
I'm sorry, but Kobe can't score no 81 points in a game. 81? Please, NBA 2K and NBA Live are broke.
# 4 seriousluboy83 @ Feb 9
there are two types of "SIM"

A) playing straight up

B) playing the way your opponent wants you to play
# 5 Bremser_Rules @ Apr 13
I think everyone has their own ideas as to what sim is. Sim to me is a reasonably accurate portrayal of real life events. Due to some type of glitch on Nba 2k10 Lebron James is averaging 18 points a game for me. While certainly not accurate, and most assuredly annoying, I deal with it because other aspects of the game pick up the slack. At some point our imaginations have to fill in the gaps don't they?
# 6 Atticus Deutsch @ Dec 26
SIM is a game slider setting where the game plays more realistically
# 7 aloncho11 @ May 31
A Sim is a sports game so spot on in every aspect, that you can't distinguish it from real life
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